Team Building Videos

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise what a new team building idea might be like...

Browse through these videos and gather inspiration into how you can inspire, motivate and treat your team.

Pizza Making

One of our most popular experiences for teams to try, the pizza making team building event is a great way to break the ice between new colleagues, or even just treat old ones.

See Funktion Events Youtube Channel for more videos

Crystal Collection Team Challenge

An event that the whole team can get involved with, the crystal maze team challenge is an afternoon packed with challenges that are mental, physical and skilful.

Totally Wiped Out

Based on the vastly popular TV show, our totally wiped out team building event is sure to bring some motivation to your team. For a few hours, your team will tackle a whole host of obstacles and courses, trying their best to work through the six legendary games in order to claim the winning prize for their team.

Escape Rooms

Give your team a challenge of the mind with our escape rooms team building event, a unique experience that’s sure to get the team talking. For an hour or so, you and your team will be tasked with escaping your themed room by finding clues, cracking codes and working together to complete the tasks within the room before your time runs out.

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