Team Building Customer Reviews

Tried and trusted, Funktion Events have held thousands of team building events for companies and brands all over the UK. We’ve organised effective team away days for many globally known orga­nisa­tions to help them achieve their goals. From small teams of 10 colleagues to over 220+ people for a full weekend of team bonding.

Before you recruit us to help plan your event, see an array of reviews for different activities and experiences for other companies - organised by us. For more team building feedback, see our 5-star excellent rated reviews on Trustpilot!

Virgin Money

For their annual team event, Virgin Money opted for something a bit different. Escape rooms have blown up throughout the UK, but did you know they make a memorable team workshop packed with teamwork and commu­nica­tion?

“The event was great, and the team really enjoyed it. It was such a fun day and it really pulled the team together to work as a team. Highly recommended!”

Emma Young – Edinburgh – Escape Rooms – Team – Virgin Money

Virgin Money Team Building Review

 Nottingham Express Transit Team Building Review

Nottingham Express Transit

Constantina reached out this year to organise a team away day with a difference! She chose the ever-popular smartphone city treasure hunt, a self-run event that gives teams a lot of flexibility, providing an opportunity for her to spend time with stakeh­olders.

“The event went great and everyone had plenty of fun, it was a great way to get to know our stakeholders better in a very entertaining way so thank you!! “

Constantina Samara – Nottingham – City Treasure Hunt - Nottingham Express Transit

AstraZeneca - MedImmune

To induce colla­borative thinking, the team at MedImmune took on the chain reaction challenge! This event is all about commu­nica­tion and working together, building a massive contraption to success as a full team.

“The event went as planned and everyone enjoyed themselves very much.”

Bradford Parker – Cambridge – Chain Reaction – Team – MedImmune

AstraZeneca - MedImmune Team Building Review

Hilton Hotel in London

One of our top selling team events, Pizza Making was the choice for Angela Toma and her team at the Hilton Hotel in London. She provided great feedback of her dough tossing, topping-picking and creating experience!

“The event was great, all organised very well and ready when we arrived. Thank you for your support with this.”

Angela Toma – London – Pizza Making – Team – Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel in London Team Building Review

Scottish FA

With sports fanatics to please, Catherine booked in our energetic Pub Olympics event to keep 160 people engaged and happy at the Scottish FA. The event went off without a hitch!

“We had a great event - thank you! Our guests (players as well as team officials), including UEFA and LOC staff, really enjoyed themselves

Special thanks to Tom Jones and the delivery/­instal­la­tion crew for all their help and flexibility leading up to the event as well as on site - much appreciated. I will definitely keep you in mind for future occasions.”

Catherine Maher – Glasgow – Pub Olympics – Scottish FA

Scottish FA Team Building Review

Home Group in Edinburgh Team Building Review

Home Group in Edinburgh

We can offer all our treasure hunts as either self-run or fully managed events, and Donna Crowe put her trust in us for her smartphone city treasure hunt. This unique team workshop takes everyone outdoors and provides a competitive edge to the day.

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for facilitating our Team Away Day Treasure Hunt.  Martin was brill, and really kept us going!  The treasure hunt itself was great fun, and we got great feedback about it!”

Donna Crowe – Edinburgh – City Treasure Hunt (fully managed) – Team – Home Group 


Used to working closely with other companies, ResearchBods handed their team building event over to us. The outcome was the light-hearted pub Olympics, a series of energising pub games that everyone knows and loves. Below is their feedback after the workshop.

“We all had a great time, and everything went smoothly. The team were great, really engaging and kept the energy levels up. “

Hannah Downs/Adam Simpson – Leeds – Pub Olmypics – Team – ResearchBods

ResearchBods Team Building Review

Aspers Casino Team Building Review

Aspers Casino

Team building events are all about achieving your goals for the day, and Holly Rose seemed to hit those goals when completing the Challenge 100 with her group of 8 people.

“We had a lovely morning. The team enjoyed it and they were definitely thinking positively when we were talking about the new system and also problem solving, which is what I was really looking for. Thanks so much!”

Holly Rose – Northampton – Challenge 100 – Team – Aspers Casino


Always a popular choice, the smartphone city treasure hunt is the perfect experience to do team building your way. Jacqueline at Changeworks opted for a self-run easy to use app for the 40 delegates so they could relax and take on the challenge at their own pace.

“We all had a great time, found the App easy to use and with having eight teams we were always crossing paths and that added to the fun of the hunt. There was a good mix of questions and activities - we had 40 people taking part and have not received any negative comments! At Funktion we mostly dealt with Denischa Shone who was very helpful and always happy to take our call.”

Jacqueline McNeil – Edinburgh – City Treasure Hunt – Team – Changeworks

Changeworks Team Building Review


Something different and edgy, the spy school smartphone challenge has the same format as our treasure hunts with a secret agent twist. Julia at KPMG opted for a self-run easy to use app so they could relax in the sun in between challenges!

“It was fantastic, and I would thoroughly recommend.  Thank you. All the teams enjoyed it and the feedback was that the level of difficulty and involvement was just right.

My team managed to do quite a bit whilst enjoying the sunshine sat in a pub, whilst others spent the whole afternoon running around York.

Thank for all your help in sorting out our booking.”

Julia Downham - York – Spy School Challenge - KPMG

KPMG Team Building Review

Hedges Law

A great ice breaker for such a serious career of law, the commercial teambreak gives you both a unique experience and team memento to take home from your away day. Karen and her team got creative and the 5-star review was fantastic.

“It was a lovely afternoon and thank you and the team for your help. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the videos came out great!”

Karen Edwards – Oxford  – Commercial Teambreak – Team – Hedges Law

Hedges Law Team Building Review

 Lidl Team Building Review


We’re glad that the team at the food shop giant Lidl got their heads around the hotspots to achieve the win! Our smartphone pub treasure hunt integrates pub stops in between challenges, provided a relaxed atmosphere for the out of office team bonding.

“It was great fun; the team engagement was brilliant! The only aspect that some of the teams struggled with was the unlocking of the points but once we all figured it out it was first class! Thank you.”

Lauren Maguire – Belfast – Pub Treasure Hunt – Team – Lidl

Scottish Water

Food brings people together, and Sue’s team of 36 and Scottish Water all got a chance to create their own meal from scratch in the pizza making using fresh ingredients in a central Italian restaurant. A true crowd pleaser!

“It all went very well thank you and the activity was a hit with us all.  The staff were really great and made the event so much fun. Just to thank you for all your help and for making this happen.”

Sue Lee – Glasgow – Pizza Making – Team – Scottish Water

Scottish Water Team Building Review


Polly from Pfizer energised her team using a fun dance class, in the theme of street dance! With no prior dance skills needed, her whole team were able to get involved using the moves that the dance instructor showed everyone.

“The lady you sent yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and gave us a brilliant dance session. Everyone had great fun and she was wonderful! Will recommend you for other departments within Pfizer for sure.”

Polly Gould – Windsor - Street Dance Class – Team – Pfizer

Pfizer Team Building Review

Laka Bicycle Insurance

Sports can be a great way to bring people into teams, and add some competitive fun so everyone gets stuck in. The archery battle zone tag is a combination of archery and dodgeball, and the team at Laka loved it!

“The event was so much fun. The guy that lead it was great, lots of energy. Definitely made up for the running late bit (not his fault, Ascot was on!). It was superb, thank you so much!”

Penny Penati – Windsor – Archery Battle Zone Tag - Laka

Laka Bicycle Insurance Team Building Review

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The team and Bristol-Myers Squibb took an evening off to mix and muddle their own cocktails in a central bar. The cocktail making is an experience everyone can enjoy, Poonam came back with some excellent team building feedback after the creative workshop.

“Things went well, and we had a great event. Please extend my thanks to Denischa for her help and support. The commu­nica­tion was clear, frequent and helpful.”

Poonam Dhokia – Chester – Cocktail Making and Meal – Team – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb Team Building Review

Eon Energy

Solely colla­borative and fun, pizza making takes away any competition so your colleagues can just enjoy one another’s company. The Eon Energy team seemed to really enjoy the combo of good food, creativity and relaxed atmosphere as shown by their lovely review below.

“We all enjoyed it thank you it was fun, the food was very tasty.  I decided to eat only half of mine and take the rest home for my other half, however forgot it and left it on the table LOL.”

Ruth Hobbs – Nottingham – Pizza Making – Team – Eon Energy

Eon Energy Team Building Review

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University treated a team of 16 people to some creative pizza making before the summer. What better way to bring a team together than over some cheesy delici­ousness in an Italian restaurant? Hear their thoughts below.

“Thank you for helping organise this day for us. You were really helpful and efficient; the speed of service was great and very much appreciated. I’ll be recommending Funktion Events to others.

The guy who ran the session, he was wonderful from start to finish and hilarious, everyone really enjoyed the session.”

Elena Portaluri – Sheffield – Pizza Making – Team – Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University Team Building Review

Strutt and Parker

The real estates in Chester contacted us for their team building activities, and the cocktail making/ pub treasure hunt team building experience worked a treat for them. A headache is the sign of a good time!

“We had a great time thank you so much – the cocktail making was brilliant and so were the nibbles! The quiz was also such good fun!

I have a bit of a headache this morning but I’m sure I am not the only one!!

Thank you, I will certainly recommend you guys!”

Helen McCarthy – Brighton – Cocktail Making + Pub Treasure Hunt – Team – Strutt and Parker

Strutt and Parker Team Building Review

Rating 5.0
David T
18th December 2020
Simple to setup, everyone said they loved it.
Planning another one for January.
Rating 5.0
18th December 2020
Very surprised and happy with how well the virtual event went. The live host, Luke, made us all feel engaged.
Rating 5.0
Keren Miller
18th December 2020
The team had a wonderful time. Marta was great fun. I will definitely recommend Funktion to the rest of the orga­nisa­tion.
Rating 5.0
Taryn Pienaar
17th December 2020
Thee gentlemen had a great time! Thank you for setting this up for us and will definitely be using you in the future!
Rating 5.0
Sarah Nolan
17th December 2020
The event was a great success and our host (Marta) was fun and engaging. The feedback from staff was really good also and it is definitely something we would consider again in the future. Thank you for your help in arranging this for us.
Rating 5.0
Sanj Birdee
17th December 2020
Thanks for the event last week, it was great fun and the team really enjoyed it. Gavin was awesome and full of energy.
Rating 4.0
Laura Whitrow
17th December 2020
everyone enjoyed the quiz last week.
Rating 4.0
Nima Baniamer
16th December 2020
It was great and plenty of fun
Rating 5.0
Helen Reed
16th December 2020
I just wanted to say thank you to the team for this event. It was a great evening. I’m afraid I didn’t catch the name of our host, but he was great – involved everyone but without being overbearing and kept us on track! It all worked really well
Rating 5.0
Deborah Holt
16th December 2020
Thank you so much for our event last night.

It all worked out perfectly and everyone enjoyed it and said how good it was. It was very slick, all went smoothly and our host – Luke was excellent. Absolutely perfect in the way he handled everything. Funny and very organised just perfect in everything. We will definitely be using your company again in the New Year – if you have any availa­bility! Thanks so much to you all – Beth, Tom and Luke and whoever else worked on our event in the background. You are sometimes a bit nervous that these online events will work out but this surpassed our expec­tations! You are a company that we will recommend to others.

Many thanks and all the best for Christmas and the New Year.
Rating 5.0
15th December 2020
Better than what we were expecting. The host was very interactive and kept us on track.
Are group was 90 staff members but the host broken us up into smaller groups on of 5 people which made it much better.
Rating 5.0
Olivia Stiles
15th December 2020
We had a lovely time and our host was really excellent!
Rating 5.0
Dahlia Dawes
15th December 2020
I just wanted to tell you how ,much we all enjoyed the event on Tuesday and if you could pass on our thanks to Gavin (I think that’s his name, apologies if incorrect) for being such a great and patient host
Rating 5.0
Jess H
14th December 2020
Hi Beth

WOW! Really well ran event. I wasn’t sure whether to arrange a remote escape room as no one in the business had ever experienced one. However I must say that you guys really impressed me.

Thanks for arranging and catch up in the new year
Rating 5.0
13th December 2020
The host was brilliant. She really made us feel like we were with her.
Rating 5.0
Robert Haynes
11th December 2020
Thought the chocolate class was fantastic. From speedy commu­nica­tion to the actual event itself.
Rating 5.0
Kate Kinninmont
11th December 2020
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in organising the event. I found something to fill the time between the 2 activities and all ran smoothly. I was really impressed with how responsive you were throughout the process. I will definitely be recommending Funktion to other people.
Rating 5.0
Rosalind Barron
11th December 2020
We really enjoyed the game, thank you! I had a lot of positive feedback about it afterwards. And we thought our host was really great as well, he was a lot of fun and really personable.

Thanks so much for helping us out at such short notice, it really helped to make our Christmas party a lot of fun.
Rating 5.0
Thomas Wright
8th December 2020
Everyone had a good time and got into the spirit of it (pun intended)
Pass on my thanks to the team.
Rating 5.0
Jane Pitt
8th December 2020
Our virtual Murder Mystery Christmas party was brilliant! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and with plenty of laughs. Given that we are such a small team, I wasn’t sure that we would fill 90minutes, but the time flew by.

Helpful and seamless orga­nisa­tion, would definitely recommend to others.