Effective Ways to Increase Remote Worker Engagement

Effective Ways to Increase Remote Worker Engagement

Working from home has become a lot of people’s new norm, but how can you manage your staff engagement from across the country?

We’ve found a lot of companies searching for the answer to the same question – how can I increase remote worker engagement. No matter how many employees you have working from remote locations, there’s a couple of ways you can keep moral high and engagement pumping. Also, if you’re struggling to plan an engaging staff event or end of year party we have plenty ideas to suit your needs.

Remote Worker Engagement – Commu­nica­tion Tactics

Communication Tactics

The broadest factor of any employee engagement is commu­nica­tion. Great commu­nica­tion is important in any working environment, but especially when workers are more isolated at home. Verbal commu­nica­tion is often the only form employees will have to send work and feedback to one another. There are plenty of ways you can keep commu­nica­tion flowing throughout the day, and set aside designated times for structured catch-ups with individuals.

Chat programs

Utilise your favourite chat program to contact all your employees in groups or on a one-to-one basis. Chats like Skype, Slack and Hangouts are an effective day-to-day communicator for quick check-ups or questions. It’s a good way to keep in touch with your remote workers without being invasive as they try to complete daily tasks.

Top Tip – Make sure your employees know you can always be reached through your chat program, especially with new employees who have always been remote working.

Zoom of course!

Video conference software like Zoom has most likely been automati­cally asserted into your life over the course of 2020-21. It’s a fantastic way to get all your remote workers fully engaged in the conver­sation, with optional video commu­nica­tion. You can use the group room feature for smaller teams or bring everyone together for a mini conference. Zoom is also excellent for virtual team building activities.

Commu­nica­tion Topics

Communication Topics

If you struggle to get the ball rolling during either a chat or face-to-face, a conver­sational topic might be handy. For example, create a list of riddles or mini challenges to kick off a Zoom call with a positive, light-hearted discussion. This is an easy way to motivate staff and get everyone interacting, even if for 5-10 minutes a day/week.

Whole Team Engagement During Work from Home

Depending on how many staff you have working from home, it can be a challenge to get everyone engaged in one call or chat all of the time. It’s more important than ever to make everyone feel included, and one of the most effective ways to do so is a fun exercise.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Organise a short and sweet experience that everyone can partake in over their screen. Whether it’s during work hours as a break or after work with a planned drink or two. If your company is used to doing events, this is a good substitute that has more guarantee of a 100% turnout.

Icebreaker Games

There are plenty of mini games that you can adapt to play over the internet. You can also create a quiz that’s work-related, maybe featuring company stats or milestones that you’ve surpassed whilst remote working. Icebreakers are also an excellent way for new employees to get to know colleagues they may not have met face-to-face. Here’s a couple to get you inspired:

Remote Worker Engagement Festive Ideas

If you’re already starting to plan your end of year blowout, you may be in need of some virtual Christmas party ideas. After 2020, we’ve curated a selection of highly-rated festive experiences that can bring people together in the colder months.

It’s important to round off the year with an event that will increase remote worker engagement and set the tone for the next working year. Also, it’s a chance to show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work and maybe even do a little award show for your workforce and their efforts!

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