Virtual End of Year Party Ideas

Virtual End of Year Party Party Ideas

After another crazy year you will want to make sure you end it with a memorable, fun, virtual celebration.

Celebrate and recognise the achievements you have had this year and create a virtual end of year party for your office to enjoy even though they are working remotely. You can make a virtual office celebration an experience that everyone will enjoy as it is a great way to get together online, relax and have some fun as a whole. There are so many amazing virtual end of year party ideas that people call “online celeb­ra­tions” or “remote celeb­ra­tions” and we have listed some of our favourite ones below.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

1. Virtual Awards Ceremony

If you are wanting to give some digital shout-outs and talk about personal achievements through a virtual celebration creating an awards ceremony would be perfect. A great way of doing this would be to put together a list of awards and let everyone in the office vote for who they think should win each award. Then when you are all together for your virtual end of year party you can go through each award and present them to all of the winners!

2. Festive Hunt

Keep your end of year virtual celebration on theme with the Christmas period and add a virtual festive frenzy activity to your party. It is a Christmas themed trivia game that is all online, you will have a presenter who will explain what is going to be happening and then there will be three rounds to compete in. Complete trivia, beat the clock, photo challenges and bonus rounds to collect as many points as you can so that you are crowned the winners.

Year Round Up Quiz

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3. Year Round Up Quiz

This could be added to any virtual celebration for your end of year party! A year round up quiz will really test everyone who works at the business and see who has remembered the most from the year. You could split the quiz up into sections, ones about the employees, ones about new things that have happened in the business and even some financial questions to test everyone. Make it a little more competitive by having a prize for the person who gets the most questions correct at the end.

4. Mini Games

We have the perfect thing if you are wanting something energetic that inject some friendly competition into your remote celebration. The virtual social event will give you everything your usual after-work social at the pub would give you but online! With this quiz style event you will be able to complete trivia, buzz in challenges, Pictionary, fun fact matching and more. There are three themes that you can choose from as well with this event, pub, festive or general knowledge!

Guess Who I Am

5. Guess Who I Am

It doesn’t matter what plans you may have for your virtual celebration the guess who I am game can be added to any virtual end of year party. Before the day email all of your employees 3 different celebrity or characters that they will be. Then you will all take it in turns asking one person yes or no questions until someone guesses who they are and receives a point. It will then go onto the next person until the 3 rounds have been completed. The person with the most points at the end will be crowned the winner!

6. Solve a Murder

Work together and see whether you can solve a murder with the virtual murder mystery event. You will get a briefing from your online host to start who will give you all the information you need about the crime scene and murder. Then split up for 60 minutes and investigate by reading suspect profiles, looking at objects, finding evidence and finally piecing together the crime. At the end of the session you can then put all your findings together and solve the crime and then catch the killer.

Christmas Jingle

7. Create a Christmas Jingle

If you are keeping your virtual end of year party Christmas themed then this is the perfect energiser for your employees. Split everyone up into different virtual work rooms and let them have 30-40 minutes to create a Christmas jingle. Then come back together into the main call and one by one perform as a group your jingle to everyone else. You could make it into a competition where each person has to score the other groups and the ones with the highest score wins!

8. Escape the Room in Time

Everyone has heard of an ordinary escape room but what about a virtual escape room? This experience is great if you want to test your employees, have fun and make your virtual end of year party memorable for everyone. Split up into different rooms and unlock puzzles, complete challenges and find cryptic clues that will all help you escape on time. You will also have an interactive host who will give you the storyline before you get locked in the room where you have to try and escape.


9. Bingo

Everybody loves bingo, it’s a subtle way to inject some friendly competition into your virtual celebration whilst still having fun. Create a range of different bingo cards and email them out to everyone before the day so they can print them off ready. Then get your coloured dabbers at the ready and listen carefully for those numbers of yours. Why not add prizes too for the first person to get a line and the first person to get a house?

10. Place Your Bets on Race Night

Why not make a full night of your virtual end of year party with a virtual race night? You can place bets, train horses and enjoy the brilliant graphics and commentary that comes with this experience. You will have a live host/bookie who will run the event and explain to you what is going to happen. Then through the multiple races that will go throughout the night you will train horses, sabotage horses, discuss betting strategies, win races and the whole experience is in a private session.

Complete a Scavenger Hunt

11. Complete a Scavenger Hunt

For something fun, light hearted and a little bit competitive a virtual scavenger hunt would be a great idea. You could use one of our print off ideas that we have or take inspiration and create your own. Give everyone 10 minutes to find as much as they can on the list and take a photo or video as proof before the time runs out. Then come back together and go through what everyone has found and start adding up the points to see who the winner is.

12. Shake Up Some Drinks

If you add the virtual cocktail making classes to your virtual celebration then you can enjoy creating some delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home. With this experience you will receive a cocktail box that will be delivered directly to your door with everything you need to create your cocktails. The class will be hosted by a professional mixologist and you will learn to make 4 cocktails all you need to provide is the ice and glassware for your drinks.

What Else Do We Offer?

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