Team Engagement Solutions for Remote Workers

Team Engagement Solutions for Remote Workers

Team engagement has become a different beast since 2020, and companies across the globe have had to change the way they interact with employees.

As lockdowns continue and people start working from home permanently, it seems ever more likely that work life might change forever. If you’ve managed to simply stay afloat in this trying period that’s enough for a pat on the back. But what about trying to re-engage your co-workers in the face of so many changes?

Working alone, remotely is proven to have an impact on morale and connection as well as affecting colleagues on an individual basis. The last few years had already seen a significant rise in conversation about workplace mental health, and that has been put under the microscope after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ensuring You Stay Engaged Remotely

Managers have had to shift their focus from processes to asking the question “how can I engage my team and motivate colleagues remotely?”. Trying to substitute those after work drinks and Christmas period quizzes is no small feat, but workplace bonding can be done online. Even more importantly, it can be done successfully!

Funktion Events have spent years curating a positive workplace atmosphere and culture and we too have had to tailor our usual away days to remote working. To help you do the same, we’re offering a selection of virtual team building activities that actually work to promote engagement.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Face-to-face escape rooms have always been popular, so it’s no surprise that the virtual version of the event is a popular alternative. Depending on your group size, you’ll be split into groups of 4-6 people in virtual break out rooms. In your small group, work together to crack codes, pick locks and unravel evidence before the time runs out. Each player can use their own smartphone device through an easy-to-use app.

The app uses image recognition and augmented reality technology to make a lifelike scenario that will definitely get everyone involved. The virtual escape rooms is the perfect combination of high intensity and brainteasing fun.

Virtual Murder Mystery

There’s nothing more attention-grabbing then a murder mystery with a juicy storyline, and this virtual murder mystery is exactly that. The short and snappy event is run through your chosen video software platform by an event host. Will your group be able to rifle through the witness cards and solve the murder in 1 hour?

Virtual Around the World

There’s one thing we’ve all missed out on during the lockdowns – travelling! With holidays on hold, it’s hard to imagine immersing yourself in another culture. With that in mind, why not take your staff on a trip around the world virtually? You’ll clock up 400,000 miles as you earn travel credits by answering questions and completing challenges.

The Team Quiz

We’re bringing back the Friday end-of-the-week quiz with the team quiz online! Nothing brings colleagues together quite like a light-hearted bit of friendly competition. Although you may be rusty, put your general knowledge to the test through an easy to use app. Collaboration is key for this event, with audio questions, physical challenges and quick-fire rounds to battle through.

Need More Inspiration?

We offer over 15 different virtual team building activities including Christmas-themed events. Take a peek and enquire for more information from our dedicated events managers.

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