Review of Funktion's Year | 2018 Edition

Review of Funktion's Year

Another year completed in our amzing journey of becoming the best events & travel company for Groups.

Here's what we got up to in 2018...

New Website

The Website

2018 for us started with a brand new website!

We wanted to refresh our look and make our customers experience online a whole lot more enjoyable, with the addition of online individual payments for all our events.

Take a look:

It took a lot of time and effort from the whole of the marketing team but by the end of 2017 we had all of the content up ready for the new year and the new websites official launch.

Team Events

Sooooo Many Team Events

Here at Funktion we believe that it is important to reward yourselves and try and test as many activities as possible. 

We got involved with a Pizza Making Class which is our best selling indoor team building activity.

A strong favourite of our event team is Cocktail Making and this year we were lucky enough to try out the Cocktail Making Class hosted by Las Iguanas in Chester.

We got our blood pumping with the popular Sports Megamix towards the end of the year. It was the perfect light hearted activity with just enough compe­titi­veness.

Winner of Business Appenticeship Ambassador of the Year

Winner of Business Appren­ti­ceship Ambassador of the Year

Our Managing Director went to the Cheshire & West Cheshire College awards evening and won the Cheshire business appren­ti­ceship and ambassador of the year!

He dedicated the business growth and success to all the staff at Funktion Events who have transformed a small business into one that sends 1000's of groups around the UK and Europe each year.

Launched into Europe

Launched into 25+ European Cities

We’re growing!

Throughout 2018 our marketing team have been getting everything to do with our overseas locations and activities for both hen and stagready to market out to our customers for 2019.

It was an extremely exciting time for the whole of the Funktion team as we got to see all of the new things we will have to offer.

Sports MegaMix Team Day Out

New Faces Joining the Team

Towards the back end of 2018 the Funktion team had grown. In August and September, we had two new members of our team and in November we welcomed another two new members.

This was an exciting period of time as it is always nice meeting new faces and seeing our Funktion team grow so much!

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt


Throughout the year we have also had some very funny team nights out.

They were great for enjoying each other’s company outside of the working environment. A historic moment also happened this year in our very own city.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Meghan’s Royal visit to Chester. Which our team was lucky enough able to head out of the office and see them in person!

We explored our local city of Chester with the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt where we had a competition of boy’s vs girls. The boys won!

Competition Winner with Funktion Events

Customer Winners

We developed some great competitions for our customers to enter and have a chance of winning some amazing prizes.

Some won £75 worth of hen party accessories to use on the up coming hen weekend.  We also ran a competition for Halloween week where we asked everyone to show off their best fancy dress costume and win a bag full of goodies and sweets.

Funktion Bake Off

Funktion Bake Off

Like a classic office, there’s one topic of conversation that everyone loves – food! So when the Funktion team started the Office Bake Off to coincide with The GBBO everyone was exciting and competitive.

Everyone takes part, creating something tasty from scratch each week which everyone has to score fairly with 5 points for appearance and 5 points for taste. Last year we really got into it, posting all our bakes on Instagram and even getting a like from Kim Joy from season 9!

Last year, the winner of the very sought-after bake off trophy was Funktion’s Managing Director Jay with his delicious, Halloween-themed Apple & Cinnamon Spooky Cake.

Bring on More!!

With another year of success, new talented staff, brand new website and 25+ New European locations, we want more!  So here's to great year and another one around the corner. If your business would like to work with an ABTA approved travel events company in Chester then drop us a line and lets grow together. Read our About Us.

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