List of 8 Christmas Party Games for Large Offices

Office Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

Looking for fun and innovative ways to celebrate the festive season with your co-workers? Then take a look at some of these unique office Christmas party games for large teams!

If you’re stuck for Christmas party ideas when it comes to celebrating the end of the year with your colleagues, then why not consider some of these fantastic games with a Christmassy twist that are best suited to larger work groups?

Whether you’re looking to get everybody having a laugh whilst trying to pin the tail on Rudolph or you want to bring a competitive edge to your day with song quiz, take a look at some ideas we’ve listed below to give you some inspiration.

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8 Christmas Office Games

1. Christmas Charades

A classic game that everybody knows and loves, there’s nothing wrong with adapting some good old-fashioned fun like charades to enjoy at your office Christmas party! The premise of the game is simple; Each person takes it in turns to get a word or phrase, which they must then act out without talking or mouthing the word, hoping that somebody else will guess correctly from the clues. The best way to go about playing Christmas Charades would be to split your words & phrases into categories like Christmas Movies, Songs/­Carols, Decorations/­Objects, Characters and any more that you can think of!

2. Stocking Fill-Up

A game similar to the Egg & Spoon Race but with a festive twist, Stocking Fill-Up is a simple yet hilarious relay-style race that everybody can get stuck into. Ideally, the room should be split into two equal groups, but depending on how many people you have, more can be added. Place a stocking at the other end of the room for each . The first player from each group will then race to their stockings with a spoon-full of sweets or candy, which must be emptied inside the stocking before returning the spoon to the next player, with those that fills their stocking first being the winners.

3. Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

A fantastic way to get out of the office and exploring, why not take everybody out of the office during your celeb­ra­tions with a smartphone Christmas treasure hunt? After splitting into smaller groups, each will need to open the activity app to get started with unlocking local pub hotspots, exploring landmarks and answering trivia questions to earn points. Using the latest app technology, each group will be able to keep track of where everyone else is up to using the live GPS map and keep track of who’s winning with the live scoreboard. With a variety of challenges and puzzles popping up throughout the activity for the chance to earn more points, those with the most points earned by the end of the day will be crowned the winners.

4. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

A festive spin-off of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this simple idea is an hilarious way to break the ice and get everybody having a laugh with each other, making it an ideal activity to introduce or start off your party. Either drawing or printing out a picture of Rudolph, place the image on the wall and take a circular piece of red paper and some tack or tape on the back. Everybody will then get a chance to pin the nose on Rudolph after being blindfolded and spun around in a circle a few times! Mark each person’s attempt with their name until everybody has had a turn. The player with the most accurate guess will then be named the winner!

5. Christmas Quiz

Hosting a quiz for your colleagues is a fantastic idea because of how versatile it is. Whether you choose to take the more casual approach with a quiz specifically about festive songs or carols or you decide to challenge them with questions about the history of the holiday, this is a great icebreaker and a way to get everybody in the room chatting. After splitting everyone up, the easiest way to host your quiz would be to provide an answer sheet to each group and have a host read out the questions to the room. You could even bring some healthy competitive spirit to the activity and offer a prize to the winners!

6. 12 Games of Christmas

If you’re looking for a fully managed event for your party that requires minimal planning and effort to organise, then you will love this game! An event that can be brought to office spaces all over the country, this fun and inclusive activity consists of 12 exciting and hilariously unique games that everybody can get involved in, with games like Mince Pies Mayhem and Elf on the Shelf. Hosted by Scrooge himself, each group will compete for points in each game, with the highest scoring being named the winners at the end of the day.

7. Name that Christmas Song

Everybody has their favourite xmax songs and the same ones get played every year… but how well do you really know your classics? Put your knowledge to the test and have everybody racking their musical brains with a Name That Song quiz! All you will need for this activity is a speaker loud enough for the entire room to hear clearly and some songs. The level of difficulty you go for is optional; For example, you might ask for the artist, song name and year of release, or just one or two of these. All you will need to do is play a short segment of each song, whether that be the intro or a section in the middle of the song, and each team must take their guesses.

8. Office Secret Santa

Whether you’re a workforce of 50 or 500 people, you can never go wrong with doing an office Secret Santa! To start off, each person’s name in the office will be written down on their own pieces of paper before being placed into a hat. Everyone will then get to pick out a name, which will be the person they will need to buy a gift for! You can set budget limits and themes to your Secret Santa, making it the ideal activity that anyone to take part in. If you want to take the more light-hearted approach, you could ask that parti­cipants only buy funny/­novelty gifts for each other! Check out our huge list of funny office secret Santa gifts to give you some inspiration.

When is the Best Time to Play Fun Christmas Games for the Office?

As the festive holidays draw closer and closer, it can be difficult to determine when you should take some time out of the normal working day to celebrate the upcoming festivities. For example, if Christmas happens to be the busy period for your business, then delaying your plans to the last possible minute would be the best option, so that you don’t lose any valuable work hours at such a busy time.

More often than not, you'll celebrate the Christmas period either on the last or penultimate day before breaking up for the holidays, or on the day of the Christmas party. The earlier you make a decision on when to host your celeb­ra­tions, the easier you can plan your work schedule for the final few days before leaving the office. If you are a small group, we have plenty of team building activities for small groups for you to browse through.

Games like the ones we have listed above are perfect because they can be enjoyed by companies of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities… all whilst incor­porating some healthy competition and giving people the chance to let their hair down!  We also have some amazing 5 minute team building activities that would be great to add into the celebrations


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