30+ Office Christmas Jumpers - The Buying Guide

Office Christmas Jumpers

Whether you’re in the office or remote working, get in the festive spirit with a cosy Christmas jumper.

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When Can I Wear My Christmas Jumper?

You can wear it anywhere and everywhere – and that includes on an office Zoom call, maybe during one of our virtual christmas party events! It’s easy peasy to schedule a day when all the team piles onto a call with their Christmas attire on. Even if that means jumper on top and Xmas pyjamas on the bottom. You can dig out your trusty knitwear and wear it around the house or buy a shiny new number to wear for a festive meal. If you’re in the office, make an effort with your jumper for a great photo op to end this rollercoaster year.

The Best Novelty Christmas Jumpers?

Novelty Xmas jumpers are probably the most popular category, especially when it comes to versatility. You can wear a classic jumper around family, friends, in public and in the office. They’re usually on the top end of the cosy scale and come in all colours and styles.

Reindeer Xmas Jumper - £14.99

Novelty Reindeer Christmas Jumper - GreatFame

Bah Humbag Unisex Jumper - £33

'Bah Humbug' Christmas Unisex Jumper Sweatshirt

Joy to the World - £15.99

Joy to the World Jumper - SunshineandBooTees

Novelty Jumper for Christmas - £15.99

Novelty Christmas Jumper - SunshineandBooTees

Glow Reindeer Xmas Shirt - £18

Reindeer Glow in the Dark Christmas Jumper

This is My Xmas Jumper - £15.99

This Is My Christmas Jumper - ZiggyZiggyDesigns

Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Especially good for an ugly jumper competition, this option is great for a laugh. Push your pride aside and see some of the most eye-popping options we could find online! We’ve mixed together a kind of good ugly that’s a safe option with some eye popping jumpers that will make everyone look twice.

Brussel Sprouts Jumper - £24.95

Brussel Sprouts Jumper - thebabyelephantstore

Cat Sweatshirt - £19.99

Cat Christmas Sweatshirt - ElliezTeez

Pizza Themed Jumper - £22.33

My Pizza Eating Christmas Sweater - craftsofhumanity

BRAAP Ugly Sweatshirt - £46.60

Braap Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt - threaddomain

Kanye Festive Jumper - £29

Kanye Love Kanye Christmas Jumper

Tesco Value Jumper - £8.99

TESCO VALUE Funny Christmas Jumper - GiftsMakerUK

Outrageous Christmas Jumpers

Make sure you’re the bell of your festive ball with this strange and hilarious collection of outrageous Christmas jumpers. You might not believe it, but these unique cosy knits are available to stick in your shopping basket whenever you fancy. If you’ve got a jumper competition going in the office, one of these outrageous Christmas jumpers is sure to win you the prize.

Loud & Outrageous Christmas Jumper - £58.11

Outrageous & Loud Jumper - Berkleysbiz

Borat Christmas Jumper - £26

Outrageous Borat Christmas Jumper - PrintigoClothing

Xmas Package Jumper - £32.14

Barry Wood Package Christmas Sweatshirt - Vintageflyclothingco

Jesus Birthday Christmas Jumper - £26.99

Jesus Birthday Outragious Christmas Jumper - Creativepopsgifts

Matching Christmas Jumpers

If you’ve got a work best pal, a matching number is a great shout for a cute and quirky look. You could easily create your own to get a more personalised festive slogan on the front. However, if you want a well-made Christmassy design that goes together like mince pies and milk then you’re in luck.

Matching Festive Sweaters - £23.35

Matching Sweaters - DenofSixCo

Christmas Jumper Set - £64

Unisex Christmas Jumper Set

White Christmas Sweaters - £48.30

White Christmas Sweaters

Gin & Beer Jumpers - £56

Gin And Beer Jumpers

Cute Christmas Jumpers

Cute jumpers are the category for the more fashionable fellows amongst us. If you like to look stylish, a cute and subtle nod to the joyous time of year might more up your street. Once you find your spirit jumper you’ll be throwing it into your shopping basket before you can say eggnog.

Joy Christmas Jumper - £18.90

Joy Christmas Jumper Unisex - HappyInkyGift

Balloon Happy Birthday Banner - £3.99

Merry Slothmas Jumper - HappyInkyGift

Xmas Avengers Jumper - £21.99

Elf Avengers Adults Christmas Jumper - FunkyGifts4u

Xmas Pudding Jumper - £34

t's All Good In The Pud

Simple Tree Jumper - £19.99

Simple Christmas Tree Jumper - PinchProducts

Vintage Snowman Jumper - £25

Vintage Christmas Sweater Snowman Design - TheVaultVntg

Funny Xmas Jumpers

We all deserve a laugh, especially after the multiple lockdowns the whole of the UK has had to endure this year. These funny jumpers are sure to put a smile on your colleagues and friends’ faces when they get to the punch line.

Elf Themed Jumper - £20

Official Elf Christmas Jumper - TheTShirtFactoryEU

Drink Up Grinches - £20

Drink Up Grinches Sweatshirt - PandrBoutique

Tree-Rex Xmas Sweatshirt - £19.99

Christmas Tree T Rex Jumper - CraftyStudioLtd

2020 Xmas Jumper - £22

Lockdown 2020 Xmas Jumper - GentleBearCo

Boris Christmas Jumper - £29.74

Boris Johnson Funny Christmas Jumper - MemesOnMe

Elf Funny Christmas Jumper - £29.74

Elf Funny Christmas Jumper - MemesOnMe

Themed Christmas Jumpers

Themed Christmas jumpers are a cracking way to show a bit of your personality while keeping with the festivities. Below we’ve included just a drop in the ocean of themes that can include film, TV and music. We do encourage you to reflect and browse the internet for any other specific things you love that will most likely be turned into a piece of knitwear.

Harry Potter Christmas Jumpers

Wizard Christmas Jumper - £19.99

Wizard Ho Ho Ho Christmas Jumper - ElliezTeez

Weasley Xmas Sweatshirt - £20.17

Weasley Sweatshirt Harry Potter - GiftsWithPassion

Friends Christmas Jumpers

2020 Friends Jumper - £31.36

Friends Style 2020 Christmas Jumper - GoldenStarTees

Central Perk Knitted Jumper - £20

Friends Central Perk Knitted Christmas Jumper - TheTShirtFactoryEU

Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

Merry Force Jumper - £29.99

Merry Force Be With You Christmas Jumper

The Child Xmas Sweatshirt - £23.99

The Child Christmas Sweatshirt - CoolshirtsGifts

Disney Christmas Jumpers

Disney Christmas Sweatshirt - £35.61

Disney Christmas Sweatshirt - Mamapower

Disney Xmas Tree Jumper - £19.99

Disney Xmas Tree - ElliezTeez

Need a Christmas Party?

We're offering a range of virtual Christmas activities so you can stay safe while celebrating the festivities. Like our popular virtual escape rooms for large groups. We can host these events across the global for group sizes between 10 and 500+ participants. 

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