7 Festive Online Christmas Ideas

Online Christmas Ideas

The office party may be looking a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

The boom of zoom quizzes and catch ups started in April 2020 and we’re bringing to the end of the year too! A virtual Christmas party could sound strange at first, but when you dive in you’ll find a world of possi­bili­ties and ideas. Executed well, an online Christmas party will seal this roller­co­aster year off nicely and send your team into the Christmas period on a high.

Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery

Working together to solve a murder has never been so fun! The virtual murder mystery experience will have everyone becoming detectives in order to solve the crime! You will be given a story about a murder at Cadaver Manor before being split up into groups to find out who the culprit is! It’s the perfect experience where you can have fun, solve a mystery, and inject some friendly competition into your work party.

Team-Themed Quiz

Team Themed Quiz

If you aren’t wanting to book something and you just want something quick and more personal, creating a team themed quiz would be perfect. To inject some more competition and fun into the quiz you could even include your own prizes for the winners. You can put together a quiz yourself and either put people into smaller groups or go solo if you are all working from home.

Remote Cocktail Making

Virtual Cocktail Making

Who says you have to be in a bar to learn how to shake and stir your own cocktail creations? With the virtual cocktail making experience you will be able to create your own delicious cocktails without having to leave your house or office. There will be a cocktail box delivered to you with a shaker, measuring tools, all the alcohol, ingredients, and garnishes too! You will then have a professional mixologist who will host the event online.

Festive Frenzy

Virtual Festive Frenzy

Since you’re looking for some virtual Christmas party ideas the festive frenzy could be just the thing you’ve been wanting! There are three rounds where you have to work in groups to answer different Christmas related questions, photo & video challenges and loads of other fun. This will definitely bring out some friendly competition as well as being an idea that everyone will love.

Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms

Everyone loves an escape room, which is why a virtual escape room will be perfect. The experience involves smaller groups to work together to work through cryptic messages and problems in order to escape. You will be timed as you try to escape your room using an easy app. This event can take place either remotely from your homes or in your offices. The best part about this game is that you can choose the start time so its totally flexible to any plans you may already have.

At Home Bake Off

At Home Bake Off

Another great activity that doesn’t have to be done by event organisers is planning a company bake off. This would be perfect if you have staff that are working from home as it can be done indi­vidu­ally. Simply choose something to bake and bake it, explain to everyone else what you have baked and the process then its time for the fun part. You can either choose to send some of your baked goods out to everyone or choose someone to swap with and taste each other’s!

Chocolate Making on Zoom

Virtual Chocolate Making

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially at Christmas time which is why our virtual chocolate making activity is the perfect idea! You will have a chocolatier who will host the event over zoom or any other online conference platform. There will be a box delivered for everyone with plenty of chocolate, decorations, and equipment to create your chocolates. At the end you will have around 20 delicious truffles each to enjoy.


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