The Best Christmas Party Games for Work

The Best Christmas Party Games For Work

After a hard year of work, it’s nice to let off some steam with your work family during the festive season.

We’ve collected all the best Christmas party games for work so you can weave some light-hearted, silly fun into your end of year festivities. This variety of Christmas work games include paper-based fun, drinking games and some more structured ideas too.

Christmas Work Games

Without further ado, here’s our top picks for Christmas party games for work…

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A festive treasure hunt is an easy, competitive activity you can do with as many co-workers as you please. Keep it in the office or explore your surrounding area/town with a variety of goodies you can use. Hide festive treats or set your colleagues out to follow a trail of cheesy Christmas jokes! As Christmas team building games go, this is an all-rounder in our books.

Holiday Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Party Games for Work - Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Christmas Treasure Hunt

Christmas Party Games for Work - Team Scavenger Hunt

Pass the Parcel

Pass the parcel isn’t just for kids, we’re bringing back this light and breezy game for adulthood too! If you’re looking for a less competitive option, pass the present is perfect. Simply put one person in change of wrapping a series of tasty treats in some reindeer-themed wrapping paper and stick on the tunes.

Christmas Bingo Game

Bingo is always a crowd pleaser, and a festive edition is sure to get everyone into the spirit of things. A Christmas bingo is an easy game to DIY yourself, or you can find plenty of different festive styles on the world wide web to suit your office party. Top tip – have the bingo caller read out the numbers with a Christmassy twist! (5 gold rings, 12 drummers drumming etc).

Easy Bingo Cards for Christmas

Christmas Party Games for Work - Bingo

Vintage Festive Bingo Cards

Christmas Party Games for Work - Festive Bingo

Who Am I? – Xmas Edition

Who Am I is an ideal office Christmas game no matter your group size and you’ve can even buy festive props to go with the game! Simply come up with an iconic Christmas character or figure and write it down for someone to pop on their hat/head. Walk around the room and try to guess who you are to win. This can be one of those fun Christmas games for the office without a prize too.

Festive Who Am I

Christmas Party Games for Work - Who Am I Festive

Who Am I Christmas Printables

Christmas Party Games for Work - Xmas Who Am I

Employee Awards

The end of the year is the time to show a little gratitude to your employees, so why not reflect with some kind employee awards? Provide some recognition and maybe even reward in the form of a certificate and some kind words. Awards can include a couple of serious milestone options like most sales mixed with funny ones like the best cup of tea maker.

Festive Ring Toss

Leave your dignity at the door, stick on a silly hooked hat and have your work friends throw various ring-shaped items at you. This simple yet hilarious game is a true ice breaker, with no heavy competition or prize to win. Just good ol’ silly fun to round off the year in style!

Inflatable Ring Toss Reindeer Antlers

Christmas Party Games for Work - Reindeer Ring Toss

Paper Ring Toss Game

Christmas Party Games for Work - Festive Ring Toss

A Classic Christmas Quiz

If you’re still sick of quizzes from the many quarantine facetimes with your family, we totally get it! However, a festive themed quiz based on all your favourite traditions is a great way to bring an office together. This Christmas party game can be short and sweet or long and serious, the choice is yours.

Festive Jenga

Buy the office a classic game of giant jenga and get your money back through the laughs! To give your jenga a festive twist, write festive dares or questions on each of the wooden blocks. When each player pulls out a block, they’ll need to complete the task on the block or take the forfeit. Are you going to take the glory or earn yourself as lump of coal?

Gingerbread House Decorating

Gingerbread house decorating is probably the most extravagant of the team Christmas games on the list, but is a true showstopper. Find some gingerbread house kits or make your own using store bought gingerbread men, different coloured icing and sweets. This is a relaxing game that can even include a prize for the best gingerbread house at the end.

Gingerbread House Making

Christmas Party Games for Work - Gingerbread House Making

Gingerbread House Kit

Christmas Party Games for Work - Gingerbread House Kit

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