The Terrible Trio with Team Building

“Putting a bunch of people to work on the same problem doesn’t make them a team”.

Team BuildingTeam Building

Gerald M. Weinberg

As so wittily observed in the above quotation, there’s a big difference between a group of people and a team. To create the latter from the former, you need to do a bit of team-building, getting the amorphous group to form a definite shape and function together harmo­ni­ously. Some people are natural team-players; here are the three most common types of those who need a little extra work…

The Whinger

With a voice that somehow manages to be insipid and reedy yet clamouring and obstreperous all at the same time, the whinger is never happy. They think that more than one person working on a task can only increase the number of problems thus encountered and steadfastly refuse to funktion as a reliable member of the team. They need to learn that the squeakiest wheel doesn’t always get the most grease; sometimes it is simply replaced with a better wheel.

The Martyr

Far from avoiding doing their share of the work, this character will step right in to help you with yours as well, whether you have asked for it or not. Nothing is too much trouble for The Martyr, who gradually takes on so many tasks that they become their own happily-suffering team-within-a-team. Of course, their ‘help’ is actually a hindrance and they need to learn the boundaries.

The Leading Light

A strong, intelligent and forward-thinking team leader is a joy to work with, cleverly steering their devoted team to shared success. They understand that, though they may be in charge of the project’s direction, their role is of equal value to everybody else on the team and that the project could not succeed without the input of everyone concerned. The Leading Light, however, wants none of the work and all of the credit. Diva-like and bossy with team members, they suddenly become sweetness and light when the big boss turns up, modestly claiming that their expert direction was the only thing that held the team together.

Team-building activities benefit every member of the newly-formed team but especially these three types. Our selection of activities is designed to promote harmony and produc­tivity; find out all of the options and start building today!

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