Science Behind Team Building

Team Building’ is a phrase with very mixed connotations. The positive element is obvious: most of us have to work alongside other people and would have a much better experience doing so if our colleagues felt and performed as an effective, well-bonded team. On the other hand, the idea of actual team-building activities has become somewhat embarrassing, helped along by the notorious character David Brent of TV series The Office.

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It doesn’t have be this way. And before we show you the alternatives, it’s worth taking a few moments to look at the results of scientific research into team-building activities, all of which point to the fact that they work extremely well at improving employee engagement both with their jobs and their colleagues.

The effectiveness of any team relies on a number of factors including role clarification and goal setting. Both of these factors were shown to impact on cognitive function and performance outcomes; team-building exercises were shown to directly improve levels of trust and cohesion in a study published in the authoritative publication ‘Current Directions in Psychological Science’.

The American Psychologist publication printed a paper with the unwieldy title "Building a practically useful theory of goal setting and task motivation: a 35 year odyssey" in which goal setting and role clarification is shown to enhance motivation while reducing the incidence of conflict.

90% of leaders believe engagement strategies are important yet only 25% have such strategies in place, according to research from OfficeVibe. The corporate team building and employee engagement platform also found that companies with high levels of employee engagement earned DOUBLE the annual net income of those with lower levels.

Team-building events do not have to be sad, lame, embarrassing or any other negative adjective. It’s all about choosing the right event and, when it comes to choice, we here at Funk:tion events have got you, and your team, more than covered. From cocktail creation to the Crystal Collection, from pizzas to paintball and from football to flowers, we have got the widest selection of the most modern activities, with a good few classics thrown in for good measure.

You get an amazing day out, an improved experience at work for everyone and a higher chance of success in a crowded marketplace. And three out of three ain’t bad. Check out our team building activities.

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