Team Building Success Stories

Team Building Success Stories

Sometimes it can be hard trying to figure out what to do when it comes to a successful team building experience.

Which is why of course we are here to help before you make any decisions on what activity you are going to include into your day. Whether you are after bringing the team together, celebrating a victory or building up their team work skills you will soon realise that we have just the activities for each aim!

Firstly, let’s talk about how to generally bring the team together, from our experience Go Karting has been a great way to do that. It is an activity that offers a unique and memorable experience that is perfect for team bonding. It is a classic when it comes to team building and obviously everybody knows what to do. Sometimes for a few hours out of the day it is nice to be away from the office and out on the tracks with abit of friendly competition between bosses and colleagues. Overall this activity is designed to get your team thinking, focussing and bonding together, a great activity for a newly formed team to get involved in.

If you are after celebrating a victory or just wanting to thank your workers for all of their hard work then you may want to opt for Cocktail Making. Whenever our Funktion Events team have got involved in a cocktail making class we have had a laugh whilst enjoying some drinks and games together. It is brilliant, fun, interactive and a real treat for your team. Everyone will be able to get involved and make their own cocktails too! Completely exclusive for your group and you can upgrade the class and add food platters or meals to make an entire evening out of the activity.

As for locations of your team event, it's not about where you are as much as it is how you utilise the area. We always hear the most success when people stick close to their office, so if you're based in Glasgow don't plan team building in Cardiff unless you're paying for the transport!

And to build up your team’s team working skills then from our experience the Escape Rooms always go down well. Your team will be split into teams and be given a room where you will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and search for as many clues as you can find to escape! It is perfect for your team to really have to work together and see if they have got what it takes to escape!

Start planning your team building today and make sure you browse through all of our team building events to give you some ideas and inspiration. We also have some virtual team activities too.

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