Team Building Spy Challenge!

Team Building Spy Challenge!If you’re organising a team building event and want your team to experience something a bit different with an element of fun, this team building spy challenge would be a perfect option! This challenge is full of small quizzes and clues to get your group thinking, working together and ultimately solving the spy problem. This team building experience is really easy to do and gives your team a treat away from the office, while still developing skills that can be useful within the workplace.

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With this activity, you choose the start time and self-manage the session, so you can completely personalise it to your team and organisation. When you’ve picked your start time, everything you’ll need to start the challenge will be on the smartphone app that can be downloaded to any Android and IOS smartphone, as long as its charged. This app uses the latest GPS technology to track your destination within the city you choose, and place new and different clues each time you play!

Split yourself into teams at the start of the team building spy challange, with a device for each team and away you go. All of the teams will be working against each other to solve the mystery first, so the whole experience will have a fun element of friendly competition between your colleagues or employees. The activity is need the teams to work together, making it ideal for building new relationships between staff or even strengthening old ones, working out the clues and tasks together.

Some of the questions involving having to take photos and videos to add more dimension and fun to the experience. As well as that, the app will have a live scoreboard where you can name your team, take selfies and even have some fighting talk with your competition! Everyone can get stuck in with this 007 themed team building event and learn new things about each other, while you learn new things that could be really useful to apply to work.

The Spy School Smartphone Challenge team building activity can be completely organised for you for a stress free, entertaining day for you and the whole group. Give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be more than happy to sort everything out for you, or pass you any other information you require.

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