Team Building Locations

Our team building activities can be run almost everywhere in the UK and with a free venue finding service we'll ensure the away day matches your outcome goal.




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We offer team away days cross the whole of UK.  With a huge list of possible locations, we'll find a venue for an event no matter how unique your request is.

Team Building Locations

Team Building Locations

With team building events and experiences really blowing up over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of companies look into venturing out of their hometown for a change of scenery to refresh the minds of their team.

Of course this is a great idea, but deciding where to go can be a bit overwhelming. With many team building destinations to choose from, it’s best to gather some more inspiration and tried and tested testimonials to help make the decision on the best location for your team event.

To help you get started from scratch we’ve broken up UK regions and counties to break all your options up further, plus we’ve listed some of the top locations to go around the whole of the UK to get you started on the right foot.

Team Building in England

Obviously businesses are based everywhere, so we’ve made a conscious effort to provide our activities all over the UK including each of the areas below.

Cheshire Team Building Ideas - With such vast and beautiful outdoor space plus historical, high-ceilinged buildings it makes for a great place to host either outdoor or indoor team building activities.

London Team Events - The hub for all team building action London team events are a classic option especially if you’re office is based in the capital.

Team Building Cornwall - Specifically, this county is known for it’s outdoor team building options if you want to get your teams’ heart rate up.

Lancashire Team Building Ideas - Whether you’re heading North or your office is already based there, team building ideas in Lancashire are surprisingly extensive no matter what little town you’re from, as a lot of team events can come straight to you.

Team Building Yorkshire - We can also bring our team building experiences (especially crafty workshops) to hired venues or your office.

Team Building Hampshire - We can bring a team experience to you wherever you are in Hampshire or head over to Southampton and Portsmouth.

Northern Ireland Team Building

Team Building in Northern Ireland

Covering the whole of the UK includes across the water over to Northern Ireland, with Belfast city centre being the main place offerings tons of team building ideas and experiences. The capital is impressive when it comes to the venues and experiences you can choose from, changing from Irish themed fun to classic options to cover every kind of team.

Team Building in Wales

North Wales Team Building Ideas - If you think about the sheer amount of outdoor space around North Wales, it’s easy to see why outdoor team building activities take the reins there. However, other types of events like treasure hunts are also enjoyed across the North, Wales included.

Team Building Days South Wales - With prominent cities like Swansea and Cardiff, there’s dozens of team activities for you to carefully choose from. Outside of the city centre, why not hire a venue and let us bring the experiences to you!

Scotland Team Building

Team Building in Scotland

Such a big part of the UK deserves a lot of attention, and we’ve catered for that with an extensive amount of team building activities in Scotland that we can provide. Of course, you can travel to the built-up cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen if you want a full team day out surrounded by other experiences, restaurants and the like.

Something you may not realise is you don’t have to cart your whole team to a city to enjoy team building events! We cater for most of the small towns and areas all around Scotland, up to the Highlands and right down near Newcastle.

Team Building Venue Finding Service

Free Venue Finding Service

Every corporate team building day needs a venue, whether that be in your office, hotel conference rooms or country hotel with grounds.  The venue sets the tone for the days outcome, which is why its important to spend the right time researching possible locations.  Funktion Events have 12+ years experience of working with a huge variety of venues to suit groups sizes, team activities and conferences.

5 Trending Locations for Team Events

Manchester - The second largest after London when it comes to team building events, Manchester is the perfect option to avoid the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Birmingham - The city to choose if you’re interested in classic team workshops that still gives you the buzzing atmosphere of a built-up city.

Liverpool - Compact and easy to navigate, Liverpool has plenty of option and some impressive venues to host your team building events.

London - The home of innovation, London is the place to go if you’re always looking for new, fresh and exciting team building options to try out.

Bristol - The best option if you’ve got your heart set on outdoor team building activities, with vast outdoor space to make sure all your team gets stuck in.

Chester - Small but mighty, you’d be surprised how many team activities this city has to offer, all within walking distance from each other to make your team building day out easy to build up.