Sun Days and Team Building

Team Building in the Sun

The sunny months can sometimes get tough when you’re stuck in an office, gazing out of the window and longing to be enjoying the rays.

However, this makes for the perfect time to enforce some team building fun that your employees will truly appreciate – especially if it’s outdoors! To help you with some team building in the sun ideas, browse the activities below.

Sports MegaMix

If you can’t possibly decide on one outdoorsy activity to indulge your team, why not choose three and have yourself a full day of fun in the sun. Our sports megamix team building event gives you and your team the chance to try three popular activities, with the choice of:

  • Zorb Bubble Games
  • Zorb Football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Binocular Football
  • Disco Dodgeball
  • Dodgeball
  • Archery Battle Zone Tag

Combining three activities means you can choose something to suit everyone, plus see how your team interacts with different tasks and how well they work together to come out on top! The sports megamix induces a bit of friendly competition into some fun and games, and is definitely worth a try as some team building in the sun.

Crystal Maze Challenge

If you’ve ever seen the hugely popular 90s gameshow, you’ll already know what you have to look forward to with this one. The crystal maze challenge team building experience throws you into hilarious games that you and your teams must complete for the grand prize. Split yourselves into teams and work together in the three categories; physical, mental and skill. These categories host a bunch of games that will have you using your brain, shouting your support and laughing your heads off – making it the perfect balance for a team building event.

Team Building in the Sun

Totally Wiped Out

Inspired by the hilarious TV show Total Wipe Out, the totally wiped out team building experience will throw your team into a ton of funny games, tasks and challenges to see how thick their skin is! The 3-4 hour session is perfect for a sunny day, and includes the classic games like the big red balls, tricky trunks and the dreaded sweeper arm. When all is said and done, there will be a prize for the winning team – so make sure to bring your A game to this one.

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