Team Building Activities

Choose from 100’s of inspiring team building activities available throughout the UK, including London.  Funktion Events special in indoor and outdoor team building events which help to encourage team development and bonding.

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised city treasure hunt
  • Self-run, start anytime
  • Great value, latest app technology
  • Team challenges, clues and puzzles
Rating 5.0 of 5

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • Team challenges, great questions
Rating 4.9 of 5

Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

  • Treasure Hunt, Christmas quiz and bar crawl in one!
  • Self-run, start anytime
  • Latest app technology
  • Get your team in the festive spirit
Rating 4.0 of 5

Spy School Smartphone Challenge

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition
Rating 5.0 of 5

Quad Biking & Paintballing

  • Save Money!
  • Two Action Activities
  • Quad Biking & Paintballing
  • Full Day of fun

Sports Megamix

  • Choose any two activities
  • Zorb Football
  • Zorb Bubble Games
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Goggle Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Disco Dodgeball
  • Archery Battle Zone Tag
Rating 5.0 of 5

Team Building Events

Team Building Events

The UK is bursting with team building activities, ice breakers, workshops and weekend away trips. Gone are the days when you had to perform trust exercises in the office to boost some morale. The options are so vast that you’re bound to find team building events that will perfectly fit your team. With the sheer amount of experiences available, we thought it was best to give you a quick guide to help you choose the right activities for you, and make sure your team get the most out of the experience.

Good team building events can really improve a workforce and increase it’s morale, so choosing the right activity is crucial. In this, there’s a few basic elements you need to consider first:

  • What's your budget?
  • How many people are attending?
  • Age range?

  • What's the goal of the day

Once you’ve determined these four basic factors, you can freely browse through our vast choice of team building activities and find a few that match your requirements. Going in blind might mean you’re overwhelmed with the choice of outdoor & indoor team building activities. Remember our dedicated corporate event managers are always free for a chat.

Formal vs Informal

This has been a long-standing question when it comes to organising team building activities, and can often blur the lines when dealing with workplace relati­on­ships. More often than not, the informal team building events are the best way to have the team come out of their shells in a more friendly and comfortable environment, meaning you’re more likely to gain closer working relationships from the experience.

This is especially useful if you’re dealing with a new team and need something like team building ice breakers, such as fun days, our crystal collection experience or mental challenges. On the other hand, if you’re hosting an event to reward your team for hard work, formal might be a better option to make the event more special. Whenever you’re choosing between the two, make sure to consider the type of team you’re hosting for as an upmost importance, before you browse through team building ideas.

Team Building Games

Team Building Activities

Motivation is so key but can be hard to grasp, but an array of engaging team building games can often peak the interests of your staff and have everyone involved in no time. Think about what you want to get out of your team event, and then apply this to our activities.

If you’re still in search for a bit more expert advice, that’s where Funktion Events step in. With our experienced instructors and helpful corporate team building event managers on hand to give you inspiration on high quality activities with competitive prices. We’ve got events co-ordinators all over the UK who will take the reins when it comes to your group activities, so you can sit back and get involved in the events.