Team Activities for 2019

2019 Team Building Ideas

With the new year fast approaching it is important to try and think more on the types of events and activities that you want to plan in 2019.

Throughout 2018 we have been able to keep an eye on all of the popular team building activities that have been coming and going so that we can give you an exclusive insight to what we think will be big for 2019.

Pizza Making

Pizza Making is probably one of the most popular team building activities that we offer and throughout 2018 it has been a favourite with everyone, even our own Funktion Events team!

It is perfect if you are wanting to throw your employees into a new situation that will bring them together and build up new relati­on­ships.

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

Another extremely popular activity is the Smartphone City Treasure Hunt.

It is the perfect activity if you are wanting to kick their team bonding ideas into overdrive. The aim of the game is pretty simple; you get to start at any time on the day that you decide with help from a smartphone app.

And then in teams you work your way around your chosen city unlocking clues, puzzles and challenges.

Cocktail Making

This one’s a classic, the Cocktail Making activity is the perfect way to ensure your team loosens up, enjoys themselves and bond together as a team.

Because nothing brings people together quite like a mojito will!

It is another favourite of the Funktion Events team as it is a great evening event which you can use to celebrate an achievement or a goal you all may have worked together to meet!

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

This activity is another great way to get your team out and about.

The Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt is a great way to enjoy a unique treasure hunt that will get your team to explore what your city of choice has to offer.

Whilst enjoying solving clues, puzzles and challenges as well as some pub trivia!

Old School Sports Day

Take yourselves back in time with the Old School Sports Day activity where you and your team get a one off chance to go back to your school years and have some fun.

This activity takes all of your old school sports day races and puts the best into this energetic and silly team away day that nobody will be able to resist getting involved in.

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