TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in London

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy to plan meal to pair with your London hen party ideas, fear not! We’re here to give you some tasty hen party meal options in London you can find that would be perfect for a hen party. All these hen do meal ideas are great for the whole hen group to enjoy and gives you the chance to eat, drink and laugh with your friends and family on your special day!

Pizza Express Meal

TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in LondonOne of the most popular Italian restaurants, pizza express provides tasty food and a relaxed atmosphere in their contemporary city centre locations. A hen party pizza express meal in London is great whether you’re a little bit fussy or like all foods – there is something for everyone in their extensive menu. The food includes classic Italian dishes such as pizzas and pastas, as well as other options like salads and oven bakes.

Choosing a pizza express meal in London for your hen party will add some luxury to your celeb­ra­tions, as it offers a full 3 course meal and the options of a Peroni, Pinot Grigio, Monte­pul­ciano d’Abruzzo or a soft drink to add to your whole hen party experience. The meal will last appro­ximately 2 hours, leaving you plenty of time to make plans either before or after to make your hen do perfect.

So you get a delicious 3 course meal, a chance to drink and laugh with your friends and family while experiencing some Italian cuisine… and we will organise everything for you! Bring as many people as you want to this hen party activity and really have an evening to remember.

La Tasca Spanish Tapas Meal

TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in LondonWe know that on your hen night, you might want to experience something new and unique while still feeling relaxed and being able to have everyone included. If so a La Tasca Spanish Tapas meal in London would be ideal, as it brings the exciting Spanish culture to some tasty food, and you can experience it all right in the centre of London.

A tapas style meal is something a bit different, as it consists of lots of smaller, classic Spanish dishes that are shared by the whole table rather than set meals. This gives you and your hen party group the chance to try new things in a restaurant with an upbeat, cultured atmosphere. The set menu allows you to enjoy as many or as little dishes as you want, and whatever you think looks great!

The classic Spanish foods includes dishes like fish or chicken paella, Croquetas de Pollo, patatas bravas, as well as some salads, breads and oils to start and churros to finish. All of the food is served in little portions, so everyone can pick and choose what they want to try and get stuck in trying everything. If you’re looking for a new but relaxed experience in London, the La Tasca Spanish Tapas Meal will be right up your street.

Modern British Meal

TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in LondonClassic, simple and no hassle, the modern British meal in London is great for a bride to be looking for a chilled out meal on their hen party, with foods they know and love to share with friends and family while laughing and enjoying some drinks.

All of our locations are right in the centre of London, with restaurants that provide a contemporary feel and a good party atmosphere, such as Revolutions and The Slug and Lettuce. With a modern British meal hen party, you can choose whatever time of day you want to eat and don’t have to dress up, making for an excellent relaxed celebratory meal that’s completely stress free.

Some of the foods that are included on the menu are classics like Cumberland sausage, mash and gravy, a simplistic chicken burger and chick pea and spinach curry. With the modern British meal menu there is something for everyone, so you and your hen party group can enjoy classics that are cooked to perfection by profes­si­onals.

Café Rouge Meal

TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in LondonLooking for a hen party meal with a bit of glamour and flare? Then a Café Rouge meal sounds fantastic for you! The London Café Rouge venues have a great, French feel to the restaurant with dim red lighting and quirky French references making it an exciting experience. Café Rouge is ideal for a hen do as it offers a relaxed atmosphere, but with the opportunity to have a couple of drinks and laughs with friends and family.

If you’re a big fan of classic French foods or just wanting to try something new but delicious, a Café Rouge hen party meal in London is great as the menu includes some classic French dishes for you to enjoy. Some of these are French onion soup, beef bourguignon and a vegetable tarte, meaning there is a tasty dish for the whole hen party group!

Zizzi Italian Meal

TASTY Hen Party Meal Options in LondonAn Italian meal choice is definitely a favourite in the UK, and Zizzi’s is no exception to the delicious food of the Italian culture. This restaurant offers a really modern and clean setting, with a simplistic menu packed with old favourites and some more exotic choices. An evening meal in Zizzi’s is great for a hen party looking for a more relaxed celebration with good food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

You and your hen party group will be able to choose your food before the night, making your time in the restaurant a lot more stress free with less choices, and leaving more time for you to chat and make some memories. All the Zizzi’s restaurants are right in the city centre of your choice, making them a perfect pick if you want to carry on your night after a tasty meal in surrounding bars or even nightclubs!

If any one of thesetasty hen party meal options in London interest you for your hen do, call our events planners on 0161 341 0052 and let them help organise everything and give you less to worry about for your hen party.

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