Tips for Stag Do Planning

So: You’re the best man. You’ve been given the great respon­sibility of organising your best mate's last night ofStraight Forward Tips for Stag Do Planning freedom. No pressure eh? Well, maybe not. Believe it or not, organising a Stag Do doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s a few straight forward tips for stag do planning that'll set you on the right path for an unforgettable night of booze-filled banter!

The first thing to know about planning a Stag Do is that it’s kind of like revising for an exam. The earlier you start the better, and if you leave it too late you’ll find yourself under a lot of stress. So in the interest of avoiding a headache (not to mention saving money!), it's a good idea to plan ahead.

You also need to know what kind of Stag Do you’re after. A traditional stag do was all pubs, clubs and excessive amounts of alcohol. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good night out and we’ll happily help you sort one out for yourself. But you could try new and unique stag do activities. Ever been Quad-Biking? Paintballing? Or taken part in a life drawing class? A Stag Do is the perfect opportunity to give all these and many more unique activities a try. So start giving some thought to what kind of Stag Do you want this to be and discuss it with the groom. 

Next, choosing a stag do location. Choose a city with the rest of the lads in mind. If their coming from all over the country, pick a central city to make everyone’s journey easy as possible. Or if you’re all over the same area, you might want to head out further and go somewhere you’ve never been before. You can find great pubs and clubs in just about every city and wild outdoor activities in places like the lake district.

Get Organised with a Free Stag Do Planning Checklist

At Funktion, planning kickass stag dos is what we do best. These pointers will get you heading in the right direction but your best bet is to leave the heavy lifting to us. We guarantee quick and easy organisation, with none of the hassle and time constraints of dealing with each individual company.­ The My Events VIP Area on our website makes planning, payments and communication with your group simple. If you need any information or help, give us a ring on 0161 341 0052.

Finally, the most important rule:

Have Fun!

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