Stags with Hairy Faces

Winter takes another step closer very soon as we move into November but even though the weather may be getting grimmer, it does mean that lots of fun stuff is in the pipeline from the explosive fiery fun of Bonfire Night to the exhausting family feuds at Christmas. Did we say exhausting family feuds? We meant exciting yummy foods! Honest Mum…

Stags With Hairy Faces: Welcome to November

Something else that November has become famous for is being hijacked by facial hair. Every year, the number of mustachioed men in our midst takes a dramatic leap as November becomes Movember and guys all over the country start thinking they are Magnum PI or Poirot.

Facial hair, or the lack of it, is an intensely personal decision for a man and, if we are honest, we can see why some of you keep shaved! On the flipside, many guys who would never dream of growing a tache suddenly discover a whole new side to themselves as a magnificent, marvellous and memorable moustache blooms on their previously-virgin upper lip.

All of this hairy horseplay has a deadly serious side, literally. All over the world, every minute of every day, illnesses and diseases specific to men lead to the early, probably preventable deaths of those men. Movember is a charity, indeed the only charity, attempting to address these issues on a global scale, investing in more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world in the 13 years of its existence. With no government funding, the charity relies entirely on private donation and people taking part in events like MoRunning all over the UK throughout the month of November.

You know how it works: you grow a moustache throughout November, people give you cash for it and you give the cash to the charity. If you’re planning a stag night this month, it’s no excuse not to grow your tache and support the charity. But you don’t have to do one or the other; why not combine the two?!

A stag night without a theme is like beer without alcohol. Or a stag night without beer. Or alcohol without a theme. Or something. Anyway, your group of hairy-faced stags have a veritable galaxy of mustachioed stars to inspire you. Why not try…

  • Mexican. Did someone say tequila? If you drink too many of these then don’t worry as you can always go for a little snooze under your sombrero. Don't forget to wipe the chilli out of your moustache!

  • 118 Guys. Fake moustaches, especially big and bold ones like those on our favourite directory-assistance mascots, are never a great idea for fancy dress. They always go askew after five minutes, fall off after ten and are spotted floating on top of somebody’s drink at the end of the night. So grow your own and get on the phone!

  • The Mustache Gang. A 1970s baseball team, the Mustache Gang rebelled against their managers who had ordered them to shave. This is a great story with lots more to it so look it up if you have time. Plus you’ll get to wear baseball player costumes and they will certainly draw some admiring stares. Steee-rike!

Let us organise your November stag night, check out our range of activities! All you need to provide is the moustache...

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