Last Minute Stag Weekend Planning

Stag Weekend Last Minute Bits

The stag do activities are booked, the transport is hired and the guys are buzzing to go – but what are those little things that you’ve inevitable forgotten? To make sure you have a care free last night of freedom with everything you need, we’ve put together the stag weekend last minute bits that everyone always misses before an epic lad’s weekend away.

Fancy Dress

You don’t want to be the only one without your awesome costume now, do you? Although it seems a little silly, it’s important for the whole theme and feel of the weekend that you remember whatever ridiculous fancy dress the stag wants to have. The only thing more embarrassing than a bunch of lads wearing chicken costumes is being the only one not wearing one and looking like Dan the Downer.

Deck of Cards

Wherever you’re going, you and the group are bound to get some down time where you can have a few (a lot) of drinks and some laughs. With this said, a deck of cards is always a good shout for a few drinking games and to pass the time in between your planned activities and experiences. We suggest you try Irish Snap – funny, competitive and bound to get you drunk.

Phone Charger

No matter how well organised you are for everything, everyone has forgotten their charger at least once. However, this is definitely not the weekend that you want a dead phone on with so many photo opportunities flying about. A charged-up phone is also really useful for that mad stag night out you have when you get lost and can’t remember the address for your hotel – trust us!

Stag Goes Free

A Pen

This is the boring one of the stag weekend last minute bits, but can come in handy for a whole manner of things. First and foremost, you’ll need a pen to keep tally on the points for all your drinking games otherwise the true winner may never be crowned. If you’re a single groomsmen, a pen might be your life saver when trying to pull that girl at the bar so you can be the next to get married.


Nine times out of ten, you’ll be waking up one of the mornings with a banging headache and a confused brain, hearing a lot of “what the hell happened last night?” from across the room. Painkillers will be the difference between your ability to go on that quad biking trip or not, so make sure you pack some.

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