Stag Party Ideas | The Top 7

Stag Party Ideas | The Top 7

Time to start planning the stag do? Before you do, read through some of our top stag party ideas!

Planning the stag do can be quite a big task, but we are here to make things easier for you by cutting out your research time.

Start planning your stag do now!

We have done all of the research for you and came up with the ultimate list of stag party ideas for you guys.

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The Top 7 Stag Party Ideas

Bubble Football

For all of the sporty stags out there, the bubble football stag do is the perfect activity to get your group involved in.

Especially if you are after absolute football carnage as you all try and put yourselves through your paces.

And if it’s good enough for Lionel Messi it’s good enough for your lads right?

So get your football kits out and get ready to try your best at moving around the pitch in an inflatable bubble suit!

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Stag Party Ideas - Top 7 - Beer Babes

If drinking is the main thing on your stag do agenda, then the beer babes bar crawl stag do will be right up your street.

Make your way around your chosen city with some sexy beer maids to keep you company.

Are you needing any hilarious stag do games?

It is known as the best stag do bar crawl ever and is definitely the perfect treat for your stag’s final single days.

There are free shots at all of the bars along with free nightclub entry to end the night!

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Stag Party Ideas - Top 7 - Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Another great activity which will involve alcohol is the smartphone pub treasure hunt stag do.

Perfect if you are in a new city and fancy exploring the area during your stag weekends.

Throughout this self-run activity you will be solving and unlocking clues and puzzles along with some pub trivia.

And of course this is a pub treasure hunt so you will be going in various pubs along the way!

Nude Female Life Drawing

Stag Party Ideas - Top 7 - Nude Life Drawing

A classic amongst all of the stag party ideas is the nude life drawing stag do.

Put yourself and the lads into a totally different environment to what they may be used to. 

Forget about the booze and think more about your creativity as you get to drawing some parts of the female body.

You will find that this is a totally fun experience that the whole group will love.

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You are lying if you are telling us that a dodgeball stag do doesn’t sound like one of the best stag party ideas ever.

Get the lads and get ready to duck, dodge and dive your way across the court to get that winning shot that will give your team victory.

It is the perfect sporting event that will put your group through their paces in these fun dodgeball games.

Archery Battle Zone Tag

Get your adrenaline pumping with the excitingly fun archery battle zone tag stag do.

It is the perfect mix of dodgeball and archery but of course with a twist which makes it a unique activity that is perfect.

So grab the lads and get ready to go through a variety of different courses whilst all trying to keep your teams bunker safe.

There is a lot going on in this activity which is great if you are a group of lads who love the fast paced life.

Football Darts

Stag Party Ideas - Top 7 - Football Darts

If you want to have a mixture of two different sports the football darts stag do might be the perfect stag party idea for you!

There is a giant inflatable dart board, plenty of Velcro footballs and forfeits given out to those who need them.

It is a great laugh for your group if you want to add a sporty twist to your stag weekend.

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