The Best Stag Night Activities

Stag Night Activities

If you’re going to organise a stag night, you should make sure everything is pre-planned and nothing is left to chance.

Chances are that your party is going to get more than a little tipsy and, as the party organiser, it’s your job to make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe.

It’s a great idea to have a kitty for drinks and, if you’re the man in charge, then it’s you who will be responsible for it. To ensure that the kitty matches up to your appetites, we here at Funktion events offer a selection of activities at the most competitive price. One of our most popular is the ‘2 activities for £52’ option.

You can choose from six of the most popular activities, which are:

Nude Female Life Drawing

Put your artistic skills to the test with a live model; all materials are provided and all you have to bring to the table is your talent.

Zorb Football

Jump into an inflatable bubble and put your soccer skills to the test. We’ll provide all the gear as well as a coordinator and referee to ensure fair play.

Old School Sports Day

Take a trip back in time and compete with your mates in classic school sports day games such as three-legged racing and the classic egg-and-spoon race.

Turbo 10 Cricket

Cricket has a reputation for being a little bit boring but add the Turbo 10 factor and it’s a whole new ball game! Short, intensive matches will get the whole group involved.


How fast are your reactions? Sharpen up your senses as you duck and dive, combining evasive tactics with a skilful aim.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Our sexy beer-maids will guide you through a personalised tour of the very best bars. Pace yourself or you might end up actually crawling from one top-notch venue to the next.

For full details of the activities included in the 2 for £52 offer, check out THIS page. Funktion Events look forward to helping you organise the best stag night ever: book today and start getting excited!

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