Games to Play on the Stag Night

Stag Night Games

Add some fun extras into your stag weekend with one or two of these impressive stag party games.

Get the stag do off to a roaring success with this extensive list of hilarious and unique stag party games. There's something for everyone here, whether you want a classic game, something funny or something a bit embar­rassing! Better yet, you can edit the stag games to be short and sweet, perfect for travelling, or long (and maybe involving some shots?) for a funny night in with the guys. Have a read and see which are your favourite below.

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15 Awesome Games to Play on the Stag Night

Who Are Ya Stag Night Game

1. Who Are Ya


A silly yet simple game involving a pint glass, paper and the groom's crazy imagination. Be prepared to make a fool of yourselves, stag do style!

Rules & How to Play

1. You'll need a pint glass, pieces of paper and fearless men

2. The groom will need to write a list of objects, animals and celebs onto pieces of paper

3. Fold and shake the pieces into a pint glass

4. Everyone must then pick one at random

5. From then on, each time the groom shouts "who are ya?" everyone must strike a pose and make the noise of the thing they are

Opposite Hand Stag Night Game

2. Opposite Hand


Like the name suggests, you must use your secondary hand whenever you fancy a sip from your pints or face the conse­qu­ences.

Rules & How to Play

1. You'll need a pint glass and a list of forfeits

2. Throughout your night, you must hold your glass in your wrong hand

3. Call out anyone who does not do this and whoever the victim is, must be forfeited

4. If someone calls incorrectly, they must do the forfeit instead

5. Another variation to make matters worse is the use whichever hand depending on which side the clock minute hand is on

I Never Stag Night Game

3. I Never


One of the more renowned drinking games of all times is a must for the groom's last night of freedom. Prepare to learn some awful truths about your mates, people can surprise you!

Rules & How to Play

1. Someone says something they haven't done before

2. Whoever has done it, drinks

3. The groom must open up with more detail and say "I did" if applicable and share his story

4. Example- say a place where he made love. Anyone who has done the same must drink

5. In order to get the groom to drink more, the rest can continue with "I never"

Whoosh! Stag Night Game

4. Whoosh!


A team game where everyone has to get involved, it's a chance to shout as loud as you can, wherever you may be- "whoosh!"

Rules & How to Play

1. Can happen any time, any place on the stag do as long as everyone is aware of the game

2. Everyone must shout "whoosh!" as loud as they can at the same time

3. After shouting this, you must down your drink

4. Shout, drink, repeat until you're very merry

Thumbmaster Stag Night Game

5. Thumbmaster


This game takes light inspiration of a popular choice of rule from another drinking game, Ring of Fire, and involves conveniently placed thumbs and keeping your eyes peeled.

Rules & How to Play

1. One person must be nominated the "thumbmaster"

2. Whenever the "thumbmaster" places his thumb on the edge of the table, everyone must do the same

3. Whoever is last to do copy the "thumbmaster" or doesn't do it at all, must down their drink

Higher or Lower Stag Night Game

6. Higher or Lower


With your own card you must take your chances and guess whether the person next to you has a higher or lower card.

Rules & How to Play

1. Everyone must select a card at random except the groom, who'll need two

2. Showing his cards, he must guess whether the guy next to him has a higher or lower value on their card

3. If guessed correctly, the other player must have a shot of their drink

4. If guessed incorrectly, then he must down his bevvy

5. If the value is the same, both must drink- there's no getting out of this one!

Bet's On Stag Night Game

7. Bet's On


Make sure you have a pint glass, a coin and a group of drunk stags and you will be set to play bet’s on.

Rules & How to Play

1. Everyone must be sat down with their drinks in front of them

2. In the centre of the table, there must be an empty pint glass

3. The first player must pour a certain amount of alcohol into the glass

4. The person to the left of the first player must flip a coin

5. If the first player guesses heads or tails right, the pint moves left around the table with the coin

6. If they're wrong, the contents of the pint must be downed

Shark Attack Stag Night Game

8. Shark Attack


You’re enjoying the stag night out and then all of a sudden you here those two words. Shark Attack. Its survival of the fittest as you scramble up onto anything you can find.

Rules & How to Play

1. One person is nominated as the shark spotter

2. At any point throughout the stag weekend someone will shout ‘shark attack’

3. When those words are said you need to get your feet off the ground

4. The last person off the ground will face a punishment made by the group and will become the new shark spotter

Don't Say a Word Stag Night Game

9. Don't Say a Word


Make a list of words you want to ban and see who ends up being the first to say them.

Rules & How to Play

1. Make a list of frequently used words that will almost definitely crop up in conversation

2. Words like the bride’s name, wedding, pint, loo, you get the idea

3. Once you’ve got the list make all the lads aware as these are now banned words

4. Make sure your listening to catch each other out when you say each word

5. When you have been caught saying one of the banned words you’ll face a forfeit

Pub Golf Stag Night Game

10. Pub Golf


A classic that most of you will have played for sure. Get your golf kit ready and off you go.

Rules & How to Play

1. Get kitted up in your finest golfing gear

2. Choose whether you are going to complete a 9 or 18 watering hole pub crawl challenge

3. Once you’ve figured that out give each pub a par of 3, 4 or 5 (gulps)

4. Each par is how many gulps you should take to down your drink

5. Mark your score on a scorecard on how many gulps it actually took you

6. Strokes on the scorecard are given for toilet breaks, not meeting the par and spillages

Dead Ants Stag Night Game

11. Dead Ants


A game that knows no limits, it’s simple, hilarious and MUST be done anywhere & everywhere for the full effect!

Rules & How to Play

1. All the group are involved, playing and being the dictator

2. When you hear the phrase “DEAD ANT!” all the stag group must fall to the floor

3. Stick your arms and legs up in the air, scrambling

4. Everyone must do it no matter where you are, causing a barrel of laughs

Who Are You? Stag Night Game

12. Who Are You?


Are you any good at accents? Test your abilities by selecting a random persona and accent to portray convincingly in a particular bar/pub.

Rules & How to Play

1. Throw a bunch of accents/­identities/­celebrities into a bowl or hat

2. Select one each at random

3. Choose a place or length of time to keep up the accent with strangers and each other

4. If you don’t stick to your persona? It’s time for a penalty!

Follow the Master Stag Night Game

13. Follow the Master


Just like a grown-up version of Simon Says, follow the master or risk receiving a forfeit for not concen­trating.

Rules & How to Play

1. Select one person to be ‘on’

2. During the night, they’ll start doing a random action like dancing, waving or playing chicken

3. All the guys must follow the leader

4. The last to pick up the action has to do a forfeit of your choice

Ring of Fire Stag Night Game

14. Ring of Fire


A classic game that involves playing cards and alcohol. Two things that you will most definitely find during the stag night out.

Rules & How to Play

1. Sit in a circle with an empty glass or mug in the middle of you all, this is the king’s cup

2. Shuffle and spread the playing cards face down around the king’s cup

3. Make sure everyone has a decent amount of alcohol to play this game

4. Start the game either clockwise or counter clockwise and let the first person pick up a card

5. Each card has a different meaning and each player has to pick a card and act to what the meaning is

Ring of Fire Card Meanings

ACE stands for WATERFALL Start drinking and one by one everyone in the circle will follow until the player who started stops

TWO stands for YOU Pick someone else to drink

THREE stands for MEYou have to drink

FOUR stands for THUMB MASTER Player has to put their thumb down on the floor and the rest of the group has to follow, last player to do so has to drink

FIVE stands for GUYS Nice and simple, all the guys have to drink

SIX stands for CHICKS Same as before but the girls have to drink

SEVEN stands for HEAVEN Raise a hand and point to the roof, the last to do so has to drink

EIGHT stands for MATE Point to anyone in the group and you have to drink together

NINE stands for RHYMEPick a word and go round the circle and say a word that rhymes, if you hesitate or cant think of a word you have to drink

TEN stands for CATEGORY Player picks a category and everyone has to name objects until someone fails to do so, then they drink

JACK stands for RULE Make up a rule that has to be followed for the rest of the game, if someone breaks a rule they have to drink

QUEEN stands for QUESTION Ask a question to the person next to you, they have to answer with a question to the person next to them, etc

KING stands for CUP Fill the king’s cup with some of your drink, the person to draw the last king has to drink the glass

Drunk Jenga Stag Night Game

15. Drunk Jenga


This isn’t your average game of Jenga you played as a kid. Add some alcohol into the mix and you have a pretty epic stag do game.

Rules & How to Play

1. Get your Jenga pieces and write tasks on each block, then set it up and get all the lads around it

2. Take it in turns taking each out an individual block

3. Once you’ve pulled a block out you have to complete the task

4. If you knock the tower down you have to drink your entire drink

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