Stag Dos Which Won't Break the Bank

Stag Dos That Won’t Break the BankThey say the best things in life are free. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t ring true to me. Last time I checked, beer, nightclubs and all around amazing weekend getaways were actually pretty pricey. That’s why we’re offering a variety of deals and offers on stag dos which won't break the bank. With Funktion events you can choose two stag activities for only £52.00pp. Variety is the spice of life, so we’ve made sure to include that all the activities included will have you doing all sorts of things, some you’d expect, others not so much, such as:

  •        Nude Female Life Drawing
  •        Zorb Football
  •        Old School Sports Day
  •        Turbo 10 Cricket
  •        Dodgeball
  •        Beer Babes Bar Crawl

If you want to develop your artistic talents (or if you just want to ogle a nude woman) then nude life drawing sounds like just the thing for you. It’s a cheeky yet classy, a more laid back affair than your traditional stag but nonetheless enjoyable. Plus, you get to take your masterpiece home to hang proudly above your fireplace. Or perhaps you just want to run around like a complete idiot? Well that’s fine too. Allow us to introduce: Zorb Football. It’s just like regular football only your entire upper body is wrapped in a big inflatable ball. You’ll have loads of laughs as you collide into one another, bouncing and rolling all over the place as you clumsily try to score goals.

Stag Dos That Won’t Break The BankMore of a cricket man? Try out Turbo10 cricket. It’s cricket with a game changing twist which results in a fast paced and thrilling game suitable for all ages.You don’t always have to bend the rules to have a great game of sport. That’s where classic dodgeball comes in. No twists, no tricks. Just the ducking, diving dodgeball we all know and love. Fancy dressed is encouraged too, just make sure to keep it family friendly! 


If you’re feeling nostalgic, get on your bibs and headbands and join the old school sports day. All the classics make a return: Sack race, egg and spoon, you name it. Take yourself back to the good old days and enjoy a fun-filled day of juvenile sport.

And finally we have exactly the type of thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘stag do.’ It’s the Beer Babes Bar crawl. Starting off in one of the best bars in the city, you and your mates will be accompanied by two or four lovely ladies in sexy bar maid attire who will guide you to the best party bars around. The girls will play stag do games, dares and forfeits, resulting in a truly unfor­get­table night. 

Whichever two stag do activities you choose to make sure you won't break the bank, you’ll save a tasty 12% off per person and save yourself from the hassle of dealing with loads of companies. We’ve got you covered, working only with tried and tested suppliers. Don’t you just love a bargain?

Check our website for more details or give us a call on 0161 341 0052 for more information.  

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