Wroclaw Stag Do

Wroclaw Stag Do

AK-47 & Gun Shooting

  • Mix of guns
  • AK-47, Glock etc
  • 30 bullets each
  • Shooting range

Bar Crawl with Vodka

  • Guided nightlife crawl
  • 5 x Vodka Shots
  • Private party tour
  • See Wroclaw’s nightlife

Sexy Wake Up Call

  • Morning glory!
  • Hot female stripper
  • Stag do prank
  • Comes to your room

Bar Crawl with 5 Beers

  • Wroclaw nightlife
  • Full night bar crawl
  • 5 Beers each
  • Guided party tour


  • Surprise the stag
  • One sexy stripper
  • Simply lovely!
  • Comes to your venue

Party Tram

  • Crazy ride through the city!
  • 2-hours of partying
  • DJ onboard
  • Professional sound system

Brewery Tour with Meal

  • Tour the brewery
  • Beer tasting
  • Includes lunch
  • Micro-brewery

Handgun Shooting

  • Fire a real Glock
  • 25 bullets each
  • Total unique
  • Shooting range

Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

  • See beer being made
  • Sample 3 beers
  • English speaking guide
  • Micro-brewery tour

Nightclub Entry

  • Central location
  • Popular Wroclaw nightclub
  • End the night right!
  • Keep all the lads together

Indoor Go Karting

  • Competitive banter
  • 20mins of driving
  • Equipment included
  • Private transfers included

Lesbian Strip Show

  • Two European beauties
  • Full sexy striptease show
  • Central location
  • Could come to your venue

Nightclub Entry with Tables & Drinks

  • Great Wroclaw nightclub
  • Variety of music
  • Drinks included
  • Reserved area

Party Boat

  • Exclusive to your group
  • 1-hour cruise
  • Powerful sound system
  • Sofa’s, bar and dance floor

Strip Club Entry

  • A must-have addition
  • Strip club entry
  • Top lap dance club
  • Gorgeous European ladies

Top Night Out

  • Ultimate Wroclaw nightlife
  • Full night experience
  • Bar crawl, nightclub
  • Sexy strippers

Traditional Pierogi Dinner

  • Polish cuisine
  • 2-hour reservation
  • 1-course dinner
  • Beers included

Traditional Polish Dinner

  • A taste of Wroclaw
  • Classic Polish cuisine
  • 3-course meal
  • Beers included

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Build Your Own Wroclaw Stag Do

Known as the city of Market Square’s, Wroclaw is a party destination for the unique. Plus, this little city is secretly a party gem...

Build Your Own Wroclaw Stag Do

Inviting and impressive, the city has so much to offer in the way of culture, architecture and nightlife to keep you entertained for a whole Wroclaw stag do.

The whole of Wroclaw is an enormous shrine to drink in, especially areas like the Rynek Market Place that boasts enough bars and nightclubs to keep you bustling about all night long – you might even need to come back for another pop at the city.

Friendly and hidden, this city won’t hit you with tourist filled streets and ridiculously long queues, you’ll have time to see everything and do everything on your last night of freedom…no limitations!

What more could you ask for from your weekend away then banter, booze and a city that you can really appreciate visiting with your pals for years to come?

  • Country: Poland
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Cost of pint: 9 zloty
  • Airport: Wroclaw Airport
  • Flight duration: 2 hrs

Wroclaw Stag Activities

Wroclaw Stag Activities

A city that is full of elegant townhouses, fountains and even a town hall, a Wroclaw stag do will provide you with an experience like no other.

5 Top Hen Do Activities in Liverpool:

And the Wroclaw stag activities that are on offer are second to none, in fact some of the most unique experiences come from this city.

Where to Eat During Your Wroclaw Stag

Where to Eat During Your Wroclaw Stag

Poland has a special cuisine that can’t be matched to anything else, and it has a few must-try dishes for anyone visiting the epic country.

Your Wroclaw stag do simply wouldn’t be complete without exploring some delicious (and some gross) foods from the city’s original culture.

Food and drink throughout the whole city centre comes in cheap (like most of Poland luckily), so you can fill yourself with beer from the infamous markets for about 3.15 zloty (appro­ximately 65p).

What About the Stag Night in Wroclaw?

What About the Stag Night in Wroclaw?

The nightlife to fill your Wroclaw stag weekend will definitely be the biggest surprise of the trip, with bars and nightclubs galore all over the city centre.

Rynek market place will be your best friend after dark, turning into a haven of places to drink, dance and party.

Especially in the summer, this area of Wroclaw comes alive with lights and people to help you celebrate getting hitched.

The city itself is finally being recognised for its party potential in recent years, meaning you can look forward to an awesome vibe and atmosphere on any night out in Wroclaw.

Stag Weekends in Wroclaw

Stag Weekends in Wroclaw

Wroclaw has plenty of quirks and events to keep you more than busy for a weekend away with the lads, and its uniqueness will draw your eye like nowhere else.

First off, the place is full of these ridiculous little Wroclaw Dwarves dotted around the city that are bound to make you giggle.

These little guys are defined as public art, and over 300 scatter the city centre to add a pop of life and humour to everyday life here in the Polish city.

Just because you’re in Poland, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your chilled beach days. If you’re heading over in the summer and the weather is kind to you, Morskie Oko resort is home to the largest natural lake and bathing resort in Wroclaw.

This impressive location boats a water slide, pools, volleyball courts and even the opportunity to hire kayaks and get stuck into some water sports.