Stag Do Trends 2018

Stag Do Trends 2018

So lads it’s time to start organising that all important stag weekend, but what to do?

It is important to do your research before putting anything in place because obviously you want to get the most out of the celebrations. So first it’s time to figure out what the trends of 2018 are when it comes to stag do’s before you decide on an activity. after all there are so many options out there these days.

So avoid all of the unwanted stress and get ready for the exciting part as you read through the stag do trends 2018.

Bubble Football

A classic favourite amongst stags, bubble football is one of the easiest and best activities for all of the lads to get involved in! Prepare to enter the world of crazy football carnage as you squeeze yourself into an inflatable Zorb. And we are sure that nobody could resist a kick about with the lads especially in this totally unique way.

Go Karting

Go Karting

For you lads who love the thrill, the go kartingstag do is a brilliant and very popular way to celebrate the stag’s final single days. It offers a truly unique and memorable activity for any type of group who just wants some fun, thrill, exhilaration and a whole lot of friendly competition! What better way to really test your driving than racing with all your mates?



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Bring out your inner sniper as you test out your aim in the thrillingly exciting paintballing stag do! It is honestly a great way for you and all of the lads to really see if you have got what it takes to be a paintballing expert. It’s the ultimate lad’s day out which is exactly what you want for a stag weekend, right?

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Nude Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Sometimes it is nice to be at one with your creative side right? And what better time to do that than on the stag weekend? Grab the lads and transform into Picasso with the nude life drawing and get a real feel for how Leo must have felt in that famous scene in titanic. Of course this is a cheekier option but it is also great fun and something that everybody can get involved with.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

For the lads who are after something to go with their partying then you should opt for something more like thebeer babes bar crawl.It is well known as “The Best Stag Do Bar Crawl EVER” and is probably something you and the lads won’t forget. Let the stag kiss goodbye to his single days with the help of some beer babes.

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