Prague Stag Do

Prague Stag Do

Beer Bike

  • Very popular activity
  • Large keg of beer
  • 15 people on one bike
  • Loads of banter!

Private River Cruise with BBQ & Stripper

  • Exclusive cruise
  • Drift along the Vltava river
  • Female stripper on board
  • BBQ & beers

Sexy Wake Up Call

  • What’s the story Morning Glory!
  • Gorgeous stripper
  • Perfect start to the day
  • Comes to your accommodation

Steak & Strip with Unlimited Beers

  • Ladies, Food & Beer!
  • Start the night right
  • Strip show
  • The lads will love it

Dwarf Hire

  • Male dwarf
  • Handcuffed to the stag
  • Funny stag do prank
  • Can be added to pub crawls

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • Team challenges, great questions

Smartphone Stag Do Treasure Hunt

  • Self-run – start any time
  • Includes pub challenges
  • Specifically designed for stags!
  • Challenges, puzzles, banter

Deluxe Bobsledding

  • Massive 5 rides each!
  • Reach speeds up to 40mph
  • Downhill thrill ride
  • Return transfers

AK-47 & Pistol Shooting

  • Super combo!
  • AK-47 & Pistol CZ 75
  • 25 bullets each
  • Round of beers

Party Bus Airport Transfer with Topless Waitress

  • Ultimate airport pickup
  • Great for large groups
  • Topless waitress
  • Cash bar

Bar Crawl with Shots

  • Classic bar crawl
  • Welcome shots
  • At least 3 bars
  • Absinthe for stag

Beer Spa

  • Enjoy a beer in a bath
  • One bath per person
  • Unlimited beers served
  • You deserve this!

Deluxe Airsoft

  • Indoor built war arena
  • Replica AK-47, M4, G17
  • Unlimited balls
  • All equipment

AK-47 Shooting

  • Sign me up please!
  • Shooting a AK-47
  • 20 bullets each
  • Private return transfers

AK-47, UZI & Shotgun Shooting

  • Triple the power
  • UZI, AK-47, Shotgun
  • 35 bullets
  • Round of beers

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free pick ups
  • English speaking guide
  • Transfer you to accommodation
  • Ensure your settled in

Bar Crawl with Unlimited Beers

  • Classic Czech bar crawl
  • 3-4 hours with the guide
  • Welcome shots
  • Unlimited beer

Beer Tasting

  • Beer lovers’ heaven
  • Learn about the beverage
  • Multiple beer samples
  • Experienced guide

5 A Side Football

  • Football with the lads
  • Ball & pitch hire
  • Changing rooms
  • Shower facilities


  • Indoor built war arena
  • Replica Glock 17
  • 900 BB ammos
  • All equipment

Archery Battle Zone Tag

  • An exciting game of combat
  • A variety of archery games
  • Latest bows and equipment
  • Return transfers

Hummer Airport Transfer & Stripper

  • Stress-free travel
  • Limo hummer hire
  • Sexy stripper show
  • Great start to the weekend

Absinthe Night

  • Czech-style bar crawl
  • 3 different pubs
  • Guide for the night
  • Complimentary drinks

Body Eating

  • Beautiful female models
  • Sweet or salty foods
  • A cheeky addition
  • A great surprise for the stag


  • Reach speeds up to 40mph
  • Thrill downhill ride
  • 1km long track
  • English speaking guide

One Way Airport Transfer

  • Hassle free pick up / drop off
  • English speaking guide
  • One Way airport transfer

Bubble Football

  • Football carnage
  • inflatable bubble balls
  • Pitch & Event co-ordinator
  • Smash, bash & crash

Bungee Jumping

  • There’s no thrill like it!
  • Includes jumping & free falling
  • Surprise the groom to be
  • All equipment

Hummer Limo Airport Transfer

  • Stress-free travel
  • Limo hummer hire
  • Meet & greet
  • Upgrades available

Body Painting

  • Stunning models to paint
  • Variety of colours
  • Make a masterpiece
  • Something totally unique

Car Destroying

  • Let off some steam
  • Destroy a whole car
  • Sledge­hammers, baseball bats
  • Round of beers


  • Enjoyed the Winter Olympics
  • Play on ice
  • All curling equipment
  • Instructor

Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Get ready to PULL!
  • High & low targets
  • Firearms instructor
  • Return transfers
  • £45.00

Limo Airport Transfer

  • Luxury pick up
  • Meet & greet service
  • English speaking guide
  • Lincoln, Hummer limos

Darling Strip Club Entry

  • Entry into Darling Cabaret
  • Popular strip club & cabaret
  • VIP entertainment
  • No extra payments

Deluxe Indoor Go Karting

  • Tear up the track
  • Quality indoor arenas
  • A round of beers
  • Transfers provided

Deluxe Laser Tag

  • Laser guns
  • Unlimited ammo
  • War themed arena
  • Unlimited Beers

Casino Entry

  • Entry to casino
  • Unlimited drinks while playing
  • Chance your luck
  • English speak guide

Deluxe Pistol Shooting

  • 4 guns
  • CZ Scorpion EVO, 9mm, 7.65 etc
  • 50 bullets each
  • Great shooting experience


  • Classic stag do fun
  • A variety of mini games
  • Pitch hire included
  • Return transfers

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Themed rooms
  • Will you escape in time!

Fighter Jet Flight

  • Fly a Top Gun-style fighter jet
  • Unforgettable experience for the stag
  • 15 mins of flying
  • Return transfers

Football Darts

  • Combining two hilarious classics
  • Make your stag the target
  • Equipment included
  • Return transfers
  • £30.00

Football Match Tickets

  • Classic Czech football
  • League match
  • Game tickets for the group
  • A beer each


  • 9 holes of foot golf
  • Funny activity
  • Instructor to run the event
  • Suitable for all abilities

Goggle Football

  • A new take on football
  • Dribble with crazy goggles
  • All equipment included
  • Return transfers

Fort Boyard

  • A variety of mini games
  • Tests your logic, skills etc
  • Tackle different challenges
  • Similar to Crystal Maze

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised city treasure hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest APP technology
  • Team challenges, clues, puzzles, scavenger hunts

Extreme Firearm Shooting

  • 8 different weapons
  • Magnum, M16, Sniper Rifle etc
  • 52 bullets
  • Return transfers

Hummer Limo to Strip Club

  • Luxury hummer
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Strip club entry
  • Begin the party early

Jelly Wrestling

  • Jelly, girls & wrestling!
  • Two girl show
  • Stag gets involved
  • Unlimited beer for your stag

High Ropes Course

  • Release your inner monkey
  • A full blown high ropes adventure
  • All the lads can get involved
  • Private transfers

Ice Bar & Club Entry

  • Entry to Ice bar
  • Ice walls, ice furniture
  • Includes first drink
  • English speak guide

Hooters Dinner

  • Famous Hooters restaurant
  • Gorgeous ladies
  • Nice food & beers
  • Central location

Indoor Go Karting

  • Fast, furious racing
  • Indoor karting
  • Rev those engines
  • Classic stag activity

Ice Hockey Match Tickets

  • Classic Czech ice hockey
  • League match
  • Game tickets for the group
  • A beer each

Laser Tag

  • Laser guns
  • Unlimited ammo
  • War themed arena
  • Really good fun

Indoor Paintball

  • Indoor war arena
  • Attack & defend games
  • Latest guns & 200 balls
  • Includes a round of beers

Jelly Wrestling & Dominatrix Show

  • Whipped cream & Jelly anyone?
  • Two topless girls
  • Stag gets involved
  • Plus Dominatrix show

iPad City Treasure Hunt

  • Explore Prague
  • Prepared Ipads
  • Take Photos & videos
  • Challenges, clues, quizzes

Medieval Banquet

  • Meal fit for a king!
  • Medieval themed venue
  • Live music & entertainment
  • Party atmosphere

Spy School Smartphone Challenge

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition
  • Generates load of banter

Nightclub Entry

  • Nightclub entry
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Less hassle on the night
  • £5.00

Indoor Sky Diving

  • Indoor skydiving experience
  • Totally unique for your stag
  • Free fall adventure
  • Return transfers

Limo Tour to Strip Club

  • Limo ride around the city
  • Travel in luxury
  • Drop off to lap dance club
  • Comfy seating, lights, music

Lesbian Strip Show

  • Two European beauties
  • Full sexy striptease show
  • At venues or limo transfers


  • Attack & defend games
  • Latest guns & 200 balls
  • Includes a round of beers
  • Return transfers

Old School Sports Day

  • Turn back time
  • A variety of games
  • Equipment included
  • Return transfers

Paintball with Unlimited Balls & Beer

  • Attack & defend games
  • UNLIMITED paintballs
  • UNLIMITED beer
  • Stag fancy dress

Party Bus with Topless Waitress

  • Cruise around Prague
  • Buy drinks on-board
  • Topless waitress
  • Entry to strip club

Naked Sushi

  • Love Sushi – Love Women!
  • Body eating with sushi
  • Beautiful models
  • Something unique

Party Boat

  • Biggest boat party in Europe
  • 2-hour classic boat party
  • Two decks
  • Live DJ & music

Paintball with Unlimited Beer

  • Attack & defend games
  • Latest guns & 200 balls
  • Unlimited beer during the event
  • Stag fancy dress

Private River Cruise with Stripper

  • Exclusive boat cruise
  • Gorgeous stripper
  • Cash bar on-board
  • Vltava River

Pistol Shooting

  • 3 handgun firearms
  • 22Lr, 9mm etc
  • 25 bullets each
  • Return transfers

Private River Cruise with Roly Poly Stripper

  • Exclusive Vltava river cruise
  • Larger than life stripper!
  • Buy drinks on board
  • Funny stag prank
Rating 5.0 of 5

Private River Cruise with Stripper & Unlimited Drinks

  • The ultimate stag experience
  • On board strip show
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Cruise on Vltava river

Public River Cruise with Lunch

  • 2-hour river cruise
  • Welcome drink
  • Buffet lunch
  • Along the Vltava river

Pub Treasure Hunt

  • 2-hour hunt
  • Visit multiple pubs
  • Ipad included with app
  • Unique & memorable

Public River Cruise

  • Cruise on Vltava river
  • See the sights
  • Relaxing & unique
  • Set times through the day

Pub Crawl with 10 Beers

  • 4-hour pub crawl
  • Enjoy 10 beers each
  • Guided crawl
  • Classic stag night

Private River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks

  • Cruise along Vltava river
  • Unlimited drinks
  • See the sights
  • The perfect pre-drinking
Rating 5.0 of 5

Poker Night with Topless Waitress

  • Private poker game
  • Held in a Casino
  • Lovely topless waitress
  • Central location

Segway Tour

  • Great boys toy
  • Quick to master
  • Zoom around Ladronka park
  • English guide

Private Cruise with BBQ

  • Chilled-out experience
  • Cruise along the Vltava river
  • Barbecue on board
  • Private cruise

Pub Crawl with 5 Beers

  • Classic Czech pub crawl
  • 4 hour guided crawl
  • 5 beers each
  • Explore the best nightlife

Shoot ‘Em Up Firearms

  • 4 different weapons
  • AK-47, Sniper Rifle etc
  • 37 bullets each
  • Return transfers

Sky Diving

  • Conquer your fears
  • Tandem sky diving
  • From Pribram airport
  • Private transfers

Spa Day

  • Relax after a big night
  • Swimming pool
  • Finnish sauna, steam bath
  • Bring your trunks!

Stag Arrest

  • Stag arrest prank
  • Fake police officer
  • Centrally located
  • Great banter!

Stag Show on Stage

  • Get him on stage
  • Stag is the star
  • 2 sexy strippers
  • Welcome drinks

Roly Poly Stripper

  • Larger than life stripper
  • Funny stag do prank
  • Can come to a variety of venues
  • Special strip show

Staropramen Brewery Tour

  • The biggest brewery in Prague
  • Audio tour guide
  • Complimentary beer
  • Classic Czech experience

Steak & Strip

  • Meat, beer & girls
  • Start the night right
  • Strip show
  • The lads will love it

Steak & Lesbian Show

  • Meat the girls!
  • Hearty steak meal
  • Lesbian striptease
  • Wow, what a night!

Staropramen Brewery Tour with Meal

  • Biggest brewery in Prague
  • 1-hour guided tour
  • Complimentary beers
  • 2-course meal

Steak & Roly Poly

  • Enjoy large portions?
  • Tasty steak meal
  • Special stag prank strip
  • The lads will love it


  • Lovely European stripper
  • Sexy striptease show
  • Can come to a variety of venues
  • Add to your transfers

Strip Club Crawl

  • One for the lads!
  • Visit 3 lap dancing clubs
  • Hot European strippers
  • English speaking guide

Stripper Vibro Show

  • A unique striptease
  • Autoerotic vibrator show
  • One sexy stripper
  • At accommodation or transfers

Tank Driving

  • 30 min adrenaline ride
  • Experience a BMP-1
  • Stag gets to drive
  • Return transfers

Thai Massage

  • Relax & de-stress
  • Native Thai masseuse
  • Chilled atmosphere
  • All the lads can enjoy

Strip Club Entry

  • Make it a proper stag do!
  • Popular Prague venues
  • Hot sexy strippers
  • English speaking guide

Traditional Czech Dinner – 3 Course

  • Experience local food
  • 3 courses & beers
  • City restaurants
  • Start the night right!

Top Night Out

  • All night bar crawl
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Entry to strip club
  • Nightclub entry

Tank Ride

  • A true military experience
  • Extreme adrenaline ride
  • Instructor driving
  • Official BMP-1

Strip Club with Dance & Beers

  • The best lap clubs
  • Hot sexy strippers
  • 5 beers each
  • Private dance for the stag

Turbo Cricket

  • The new version of cricket
  • Get everyone involved
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Brilliant for cricket lovers

Ultimate Quad Biking

  • High speed driving experience
  • Massive 60 mins driving time
  • Quad bike trekking
  • Return transfers

Traditional Czech Dinner

  • Experience local food
  • 2 course & beers
  • City restaurants
  • Start the night right!

Tenpin Bowling

  • Good afternoon filler
  • Play a few games
  • Enjoy some beers
  • Central location

VIP Dinner with Wine

  • VIP 2-course meal
  • Bottles of wine
  • Top Prague restaurant
  • Unique dining experience

VIP Nightclub with Spirits

  • VIP club entry
  • Bottles of spirits & mixers
  • Centrally located
  • English speaking guide

White Water Rafting & Hot Pool Party

  • Adrenaline water sport
  • You’ll deserve a beer after this
  • Experience the Vltava river
  • Relax in the hot pool

Traditional Czech Dinner with Stripper

  • Experience Prague!
  • 2 course & beers
  • Striptease show
  • Start the night right!

White Water Rafting

  • Exhilarating experience for all
  • Rapid Vltava river
  • Equipment included
  • Wet & wild ride

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Top Night Out with Unlimited Beer

  • The ultimate Prague night out
  • 5 hour Czech bar crawl
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Entry into lap club

The Essential Stag Weekend

Get the whole stag weekend sorted all in one go with the essential stag weekend in Prague package.

What’s Included

  • 2 nights apartments
  • Bar crawl with shots
  • Strip club entry
  • Return transfers


  • Private apartments
  • Centrally located
  • Various bed layouts - singles, twins, doubles
  • Bathrooms
  • Lounge areas
  • There will be a refundable security bond required on arrival to protect against damage and bad behaviour

Go Karting Stag Weekend

Get a little competitive with this exhilarating go karting stag weekend in Prague, a package that all the guys can enjoy!

What’s Included

  • 2 nights apartments
  • Deluxe go karting
  • Bar crawl with shots
  • Strip club entry
  • Return transfers


  • Private apartments
  • Central location
  • Multi-bed
  • Self-catering

Booze Cruise & Stripper Stag Weekend

What better way to prepare the groom to be for married life than a cheeky booze cruise and stripper stag weekend in Prague.

What’s Included

  • 2 nights apartments
  • Private River Cruise with Stripper & Drinks
  • Bar crawl with shots
  • Strip club entry
  • Return transfers


  • Private apartments
  • Central location
  • Multi-bed
  • Self-catering

White Water Rafting Stag Weekend

Why not try something new for the stag party with a white water rafting stag weekend in Prague?

What’s Included

  • 2 nights apartments
  • White water rafting
  • Bar crawl with shots
  • Strip club entry
  • Return transfers


  • Private apartments
  • Centrally located
  • Various bed layouts - singles, twins, doubles
  • Bathrooms
  • Lounge areas
  • There will be a refundable security bond required on arrival to protect against damage and bad behaviour

AK47 & Pistol Shooting Stag Weekend

What would a stag party be without an AK47 & pistol shooting stag weekend in Prague to pump some adrenaline into the weekend?

What’s Included

  • 2 nights apartments
  • AK47 & pistol shooting
  • Bar crawl with shots
  • Strip club entry
  • Return transfers


  • Private apartments
  • Central location
  • Multi-bed
  • Self-catering

Prague Stag Ideas & Packages

A classic amongst stags, Prague is the penultimate place to go for an unforgettable weekend of class, women and an overflowing amount of experiences.

Prague Stag Activities & Packages

Over the years, Prague has evolved itself to cater for stag groups, offering strip clubs, adrenaline fuelled fun and cheap stag accommodation in Prague throughout the stunning city’s centre.

You don’t need to stray far to get to Prague, with just a 2-and-a-half-hour flight you can be in this impressive city with the guys – away from all those wedding headaches.

Prague is the most popular European destination for a stag do, offering adrenaline-fuelled experiences & insane nights out at half the price of any other city. Cheap, cheerful and full of life, a Prague stag do is a rite of passage for the groom to be. If you’ve got a memorable night out & jam-packed weekend in mind, Prague is the one for you!

From the moment you land, a Prague stag do oozes style – even having the option of airport transfers with strippers and drinks included. Because of its reputation for a good time, the capital of the Czech Republic doesn’t fall short with things to do and sights to see.

Keep it chilled with a visit to the breath-taking Charles Bridge in the day time or soak up the rays on the manmade beaches surrounding the Vltave River.

When night falls, prank the stag with the infamous stag arrest and take advantage of the super late opening times of all bars and clubs that you won’t find anywhere else and spend your well-earned koruna on booze and banter!

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Language: Czech
  • Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)
  • Cost of a pint: 30 CZK
  • Airport: Vaclav Havel Airport
  • Flight duration: 2 - 3 hours

Bites & Booze

Bites & Booze

Traditional Prague food and drink isn’t usually common knowledge when it comes to your average Brit, but when you do a bit of research it might come as a surprise what the Czech’s love to eat and drink.

Prague is renowned (by the locals mainly) for it’s cheap and cheerful beer, coming in at around £1.05 a pint and tasting unbelievable – making for the perfect classic stag do combination.

To line your stomach before any Prague stag activities, we suggest trying the popular Smazeny Syr; deep fried cheese served with either fries, salad or a bread role. Sounds like the perfect Prague stag do hangover food to us!

Best Bars for a Prague Stag Do

Best Bars for a Prague Stag Do

When we’re talking about Prague’s infamous nightlife, you might notice a very reoccurring theme – Absinthe…and lots of it!

This city is full of the stuff, and it comes way cheaper than other European countries so you can test your liver with this hardcore liquor without running short on korunas for your Prague stag weekend.

Now you know the beverage of choice, where’s best to drink? The Double Trouble bar and club has become a rite of passage when it comes to having your stag do in Prague. Located in-between the two main squares of Old Town and Wenceslas, you’ll find an unreal atmosphere and plenty of other big groups to celebrate with.

If you're looking for an organised way to explore the nightlife, a killer absinthe night experience is sure to do the trick!

If you don’t fancy hopping from one end of the city to another for your Prague stag do, stay in the Zizkov district. This area is said to have more bars per capita than any other city in Europe (pretty impressive), and offers a huge range of places you can drink including a jaw-dropping amount of strip clubs and lap dancing joints to feast your eyes on.

Czech This Out!

Czech This Out!

Although Prague is alive and thriving with atmosphere throughout the year, the city has some not-to-be-missed events that will definitely spice up any stag do.

The Czech Beer Festival hits the streets in May and stays for 17 days at a time, allowing locals and tourists alike to test out a selection of Breweries, Wine, Cocktails and of course – beer!

The city isn't all about boozing, if you want a break from impending hangovers try the extreme firearm shooting activity - it'll knock your socks off.

If you’d rather something without an abundance of alcohol for your Prague stag weekend, try the Prague Light Festival in Autumn.

Free of charge, you can enjoy historic landmarks being turned into jaw-dropping modern art pieces using technology and lights.  This kind of festival doesn’t happen anywhere else, and is guaranteed to get the guys talking.

Reviews for Prague

Rating 5.0
Paul Liptrot
4th August 2018
It was great, the boat trip was great.
  • Paul Liptrot 1
Rating 5.0
Tuki Attuquayefio
7th April 2018
Yeah everything went well. No dramas. Had a great time! Thanks for everything! I've attached some photos :)
  • Tuki Attuquayefio 1