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Stag Do Planning Checklist

Need a hand with the stag party planning?

Grab your own stag do planning checklist and take a bit of the stress off your shoulders. Inside, you'll find all the tips, tricks and details you need to make the upcoming last night of freedom one to remember! Whether you're organising your own do or you're the best man, we've got you covered.

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Stag Do Checklist Step 1

  • 10-15 people is a realistic amount of people to bring on a stag do. You should plan a list of who should come and can be a mix of close family members, closest friends and work colleagues.
  • Decide on the most suitable date, the location and number of nights you plan to party.
  • Avoid planning a date too close to the wedding day as the bride might not appreciate you turning up still drunk or hungover. A week before is popular.
  • Many stags enjoy making a weekend out of it with package deals. These deals reduce costs and include multiple activities, accomodation and breakfast etc.
  • Use social media to spread the word after deciding a date and who to invite.

Stag Do Checklist Step 2

  • You should decide on the types of activities and hotel you'd like to have. Consider paintballing or quad biking to get everyone's adrenaline flowing.
  • You need to now decide how long the party will last. You must take into consideration that people need to book time off work if it'll be a long break.
  • You should do some quick research to get an idea on the price per person. We have some top activities available as part of package deals aimed to save you money.

Stag Do Checklist Step 3

  • Contact everyone and share your ideas regarding the activities, hotel choice and dates, the earlier you let people know, the better.
  • Ask for a yes or no as soon as possible from the people invited as well as a small deposit.

Stag Do Checklist Step 4

  • If there's a few expensive activities you want to do or some that might not suit everyone, then offering people to opt in or out gives people the freedom of what they want. That way, the groom can do everything he wants to do without people feeling pressured.

Stag Do Checklist Step 5

  • Ask everyone for their final balance to be paid at least 6 weeks prior to the event date as this is what most suppliers and hotels require.
  • Once booked, start thinking about ways to personalise the stag night/­weekend.
  • You could follow a fancy dress theme for everyone to follow and/or give the groom a special little outfit! - the skimpier, the better.
  • How about Borat's makini or a Baywatch Babe? Alterantively you can get his face printed out on a set of t-shirts or use funny names (see our FREE t-shirt names list for some options).
  • Just a heads up- with stag parties taking place in cities, you won't usually require any transport. However if you do, try and get it booked in well in advance.


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