10 Stag Do Checklist Ideas

Stag Do Planning Checklist

Is it Your Job to Organise the Last Night of Freedom?

Grab your own stag do checklist and take a bit of the stress off your shoulders. Inside the free checklist you'll find all the tips, tricks and advice you need to make the upcoming stag weekend celebrations one to remember! Whether you're organising your own do or you're the best man, we've got you covered. Simply print off the stag party checklist and tick all the essentials off once you’ve done them.

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Follow this Stag Do Checklist to be the Best Stag Party Planner

1. Welcome to the checklist! First port of call? Who do you want to invite. Make sure to get a good list of friends, family and even work colleagues. Your groom to be should be 100% involved in this.

2. Decide on a date that all your invitees can comfortably do, and the length of time you’re celebrating. A 2-day stag weekend is always a popular choice.

TOP TIP: Don’t choose a date too close to the wedding. The last thing you want is an unhappy bride or a real life The Hangover incident. Keep it to a week before the wedding minimum, lads.

3. Where are you going? The stag do locations are key, so it’s easier to decide early on whether your stag wants a hometown celebrations or trip abroad.

4. Get an idea of what he wants to do. If you’ve been friends for life, you’ll probably already know. But it’s better to be safe than sorry and invite and unwanted stripper to the party.

5. The research. There’s tons of stag do ideas out there, from adrenaline-pumping, creative, cheeky, sexy, and booze-filled fun. Find the best combo for the last night of freedom.

6. Is it a stag night or weekend? If you’re going away for a weekend or even a week, you’ll need somewhere to get your beauty sleep. Don’t forget to book the accommodation well before the stag weekend for the best prices.

7. Keep the group well-informed. Once you’ve got an idea of the activities and accommodation, set up a group chat to let everyone know the price per person.

8. Once you’ve locked in your guest list, book everything in for a stress-free period before the stag party antics commence! Event planners like us offer a private my events area where everyone in your party can pay individually, so you don’t need to chase the lads for pennies.

TOP TIP: Most accommodation, hotels, activities and events planners need the full payment 5-6 weeks before the event date.

9. Don’t forget transport! If there’s a big group of you, it’s wise to get any minibuses, limos or hummers you need to get you around all your stag party plans.

10. Personalise it - With the bulk of the stag do planning done, so what about perso­nali­sation? FREE T-shirt names, hilarious accessories, stag do games, fancy dress and pranks are all things to consider.

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If you need any extra assistance (or the whole thing planned for you), we organise stag weekends all over the UK as well as providing the tips and tricks above. For more free advice, you can find the holy grail of best man guides on our website too.

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