What to Know When Planning Your Stag Do

Stag Do PlanningOrganising yours or a friends stag do can be so fun, but if you’re struggling for ideas, want some good tips or just want to make sure you’re getting everything right then we’re here to help you with a small guide to stag do planning. These tips and tricks will create the best stag do that is bound to get you laughing, joking and having a good time while taking some off the pressure of you.

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One of the hardest parts about organising a stag do is the actual activity, whether you want to do something exciting and different or just to drink and laugh with some close friends. Recently the options for stag do ideas have really gone up, from bubble football to a smartphone pub treasure hunt that uses the latest GPS technology, there is an idea that tailors to everyone. Obviously the most important part is that the activity appeals to the groom to be and his interests, because it needs to be something to remember for him.

Knowing the amount of guys coming and what the times of activities are is also essential to stag do planning, and will make planning and the actual day/weekend a lot less stressful for you, meaning more successful! If you’re going for a cheeky beer babes bar crawl, you want to make sure you meet the babes and your friends on time so you can get the fun underway. The group size is also really important and when you’ve decided try not to change it too much, because you don’t want anyone not involved with the activity.

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We know some stag do groups might not want to splash out too much, so making sure you are aware of everyone’s budget is key. By asking everyone how much they’re happy to pay, you can get an idea of what kind of activities are available in your budget and not make anyone feel uncom­for­table. A top tip and nice gesture if it’s your best friends stag do is for the group to pay for him, this makes a great gift for his send off into married life!

Remembering these basic tips will make a well planned stag do:

  • A perfect activity for the groom to be
  • Checking everyone’s budget
  • Don’t forget transport
  • Keep everything simple

With all this in mind, you could just choose the easy way of stag do planning and let us at Funktion Events help you out, we offer loads of activities and do the planning part for you! As well as sorting this, you can use our online My Events VIP Area to make everything so much easier with the individual payment options and 24 hour acces. If you’re interested, call us on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be available to help.

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