Lads: Live the Lavish Life! Pick TWO activities from our Top 6.

Call us greedy, but we think that if you are going to do something then you might as well do it lavishly; we apply this philosophy wherever we can but the place that it really works best is with FUN stuff! So, instead of puzzling over which of our activities to book for the stag do you're organising, live the lavish life and pick TWO activities from our Top 6. And at just £52 per stag whichever two activities you choose, you won't have to flash that lavish lifestyle cash!

On a practical level, booking two activities instead of just one is a great idea as it allows you to cater to more of your group. Know all the stags well? Then you will be able to find two perfect activities you know they will enjoy. Not sure of all the stags? Then choose two completely contrasting activities and you can be confident that they should at least enjoy one of them and also get a chance to try out something new. If they don’t enjoy either activity, then who invited that miserable old stag in the first place?

Our Top 6 activities are based on the opinions of the people that matter the most in such situations: the people that have experienced it. Each of the six has been tried and tested many times over, consistently getting a good review from everyone (apart from that miserable old stag).

Maths isn’t our strong point so we don't know how many combinations of two activities are possible, but we think it's a lot and certainly enough for to guarantee you’ll have a good time. And choosing is all you have to do; we will organise everything else so all you have to do is show up (and we know that in itself can sometimes be a challenge!).

Unfortunately there are no stag nights lined up for your writer at the moment but if i were ‘arranging all the details’ (ie choosing two activities) then my perfect package would be:

Nude Female Life Drawing

You are provided with drawing materials, expert tutor and professional nude model; the rest is up to you.

Nude Female Life Drawing Stag Do

Once that initial British nervous giggling and leering has past, you will be surprised how much you and your mates start getting to the ‘art of the matter, each of you trying to be the next Leonardo da Vinci. We have been told by stags that competition to have the ‘best’ drawing at the end of the session is even fiercer than that experienced at sporting activities. You have been warned….

Old School Sports Day

So your life drawing was awful. Never mind; you have a chance to redeem yourself by acting like a nine-year-old!

Old School Sports Day Stag DoA trained coordinator will spookily become your long-forgotten PE Teacher, bossing you into headbands and bibs in the team colours before lining you up for sack, egg-and-spoon, three-legged and wheelbarrow races. There are mystery prizes for the winners; what could they be? Lollipops? Housepoints?

The other four activities (Dodgeball, Zorb bubble football, Turbo Ten10 Cricket and the classic Beer Babes Bar Crawl) are all equally attractive and each is fully organised and includes all the accessories and expertise you’ll need.

Check out all the activity details and start building your bespoke package today. Funktion Events, for the serious stag.

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