Stag Do Tricks and Tips in Liverpool

Stag Do Liverpool Tips & TricksThere's a lot of great stag do destinations out there but you can’t deny the city of the reds is one of the best, even if your football allegiances lie elsewhere! It’s legendary reputation as a UK party capital is well deserved. It’s a music mad city with an electrifying atmosphere that makes it perfect for a stag do in Liverpool.

A great stag night out is a like a piece of classical music (stay with me here). There’s a slow, rumbling build up to get your more and more excited before it all pops off like an epic crescendo. That’s why the Albert Docks is the perfect place to kick off your night. A beautiful sight day and night, with a huge range of cocktail bars and grub hubs overlooking a gorgeous view of the water.

Once you’ve got the ball rolling you can mosey on over Liverpool’s pub haven, the appropriately named Hardman Street, the birthplace of Charles Bronson, The Krays and Danny Dyer. Hardman Street is the place to be for those fond of traditional pubs. Pilgrim and Ye Cracke are two excellently atmospheric pubs (as well as firm favourites of a certain John Lennon during his student days), while The Roscoe Head is sure to be a firm favourite for lovers of real cask ales.

Stag Do Liverpool Tips & Tricks Beer Mathew Street is the essence of Beatle Mania condensed into one incredible space. Mathew Street’s main claim to fame is of course, The Cavern Club, where the Beatles played countless shows as they honed the skills to become the world’s greatest rock & rollers. Lovingly sticking to its roots, The Cavern Club plays live music all week from 2pm onwards. As amazing and well worth as visit as the CC is, don’t let it overshadow the other amazing bars in the area like Rubber Soul, Lennon’s Bar and the Hard Day’s Night Hotel.

Now for the crescendo. In the heart of Liverpool’s city centre lies concert square, the hub of Liverpool’s thriving nightlife. It’s as busy and bustling as a bee hive on crack and sure to get you on the lads up on your feet and butchering the latest dance hits. Home to the biggest bar and clubs Liverpool has to offer, Concert Square is a lively party paradise seven days a week.

That’s not even everything Liverpool has to offer when it comes to a legendary last night of freedom (we've not even scratched the surface on stag activities in Liverpool, but if we haven’t already convinced you we don’t know what will! Now get out there and enjoy a magical mystery tour of one of the greatest stag do cities on the planet! 

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