Stag Do Ideas for the Last Minute

Stag Do Ideas for the Last Minute

When it comes to planning an event lads don’t usually rush to get everything sorted, okay there may be some out there who are organised but this is for if you haven’t been.

So you have been put in charge of organising a stag do, great, but you have left it slightly last minute and before you know it, its next weekend and you have absolutely nothing planned. But fear not, we at Funktion Events have figured out what our top 5 stag do activities are so that you don’t have to scour high and low looking for the best of the best. We have simply put them all together in this post for you to have a read through.

Nude Life Drawing

First up is Nude Life Drawing and as the name suggests, you are drawing somebody in the nude. Whether that be a man or a woman the choice is down to you. But all in all it is a great laugh, and something that will relax the group whilst letting everybody use their creative side (whether they have one or not).

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

What stag weekend is complete without hitting some bars, known as the best stag do bar crawl ever, the Beer Babes Bar Crawlwill take you on the party of your life in a city of your choice. At first you will be greeted by our Beer Babes who will be wearing full on sexy beer maid outfits. It is an experience not to miss.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Now the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt has been purposely created for stag groups who want to enjoy their chosen location whilst enjoying a drink or two on the way. The hunt is pretty simple, you will be given fun challenges, pub trivia questions and a good old drink to complete whilst being in competition with the other team!

Bubble Football

If you and the lads are fans of the football, then prepare to enter the world of crazy football carnage with Bubble Football. The object of the game is pretty simple, it is the twist which is the crazy part, for an entire hour you will be playing a typical game of football but whilst being inside a Zorb bubble which will mean lots of bashing, crashing and rolling.


Another one for you sporty lads out there, Dodgeball is the perfect activity to practise your aim whilst doing some headshots to some of the lads. So make sure you get yourself ready to duck, dodge and dive your way into the best position to throw that winning shot for your team and claim victory!

And if you are still after some more inspiration check out the rest of our Stag Do Activities and Stag Do Locations.

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