Stag Do Ideas for the Hard to Please Grooms

Stag Do Ideas for the Hard to Please Grooms

In charge of organising the stag do but the stag's a little bit fussy?

We’re here to give you the helping hand. Below is a list of stag do activities that any groom will love!

Hard to Please Grooms - Beer Babes

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Bar crawls and stag weekend go hand in hand and we doubt that many stag weekends are complete without one. But an ordinary bar crawl can become quite boring and the lads might get the same old attitude so it’s time to mix it up. A Beer Babes Bar Crawl is a brilliant way to get the lads even more excited for the night to come, it is ultimately the best stag do bar crawl ever!

Hard to Please Grooms - Bubble Football

Bubble Football

Lads and their football ey, even if you don’t follow it on the TV we’re sure you can’t resist a good kick about with the lads. But a stag do is supposed to be memorable so how can you make a kick about with the lads like no other? With a game of Bubble Football, obviously!

This feel good activity is a great way to have a hilarious time with the lads because what’s funnier than watching each other roll about in an inflatable bubble?

Hard to Please Grooms - Nude Life Drawing

Nude Life Drawing

This one is abit more sophis­ticated, it will help you have a stag do to remember and it’s a little bit cheeky!­ The Nude Life Drawing stag do is a great choice for you and the lads to get in touch with your creative side. And due to this being quite unusual you will probably find that all of the lads will love this slightly naughty but tasteful activity.

Hard to Please Grooms - Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

This is one of the biggest stag do activities of the year! The Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt is a great way to incorporate fun challenges in with booze. Make your way around pubs as you unlock clues, puzzles and challenges.

And the best part about it is that you’ll be in teams which means there will be some stag competition thrown in for good measure.

Hard to Please Grooms - Go Karting

Go Karting

If you want to offer the stag a truly unique and memorable experience, then the Go Karting stag do is a great way to do it.­ Bring out your inner racer and get ready for fun, thrills and exhilaration along with some healthy stag competition thrown in for good measure.­ It’s a great activity if you’ve got a fast paced stag who loves his cars.

And if you don’t think any of them activities will suit stag then why not have a browse through the rest of our stag do activities?

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