Stag Do Ideas for the Creative Groom

Stag Do Ideas for the Creative Brides

Okay lads, it’s now came up to the most important weekend of a lad’s life, his stag weekend, and it is up to you to organise the most amazing weekend.

But sometimes trying to figure out what to put into the weekend can be quite challenging which is why we are here to help. If you have a stag who loves to get creative, then surely a creative stag do would be perfect right? Well we have just the activities for a weekend just like that!

Nude Life Drawing

This naughty but tasteful activity is obviously on the top of the list for creativity. The Nude Life Drawing stag do is the perfect way for the groom to bring out his creative side as well as creating some memories with the lads. This activity is very popular amongst stags everywhere so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Cocktail Masterclass

Although probably not one you have thought about, a Cocktail Masterclassstag do is a great choice of activity for the lads who like to shake things up. Because let’s be honest, nobody can resist a good old cocktail so why wouldn’t you want to create your own. Within this class you can shake and create your very own drinks as well as enjoying some delicious buffet food.

And if you still want some more ideas then check out the rest of our stag do activities!

Escape Rooms

Those with creative brains work well when it comes to testing yourself with puzzles and riddles right? Well the Escape Rooms stag do is a great way to have a laugh with the lads in a truly exciting activity. Work together as you try to solve what is in front of you and earn your freedom! But the question is, will you get out in time?

Pizza Making

This is one for the foodies and the creative bunch. A Pizza Making stag do is the ideal way to put your creative flare onto the weekend. And let’s be honest, we all love a good pizza so it would be silly not to include this delicious idea into the weekend. It would be perfect after a busy day and when you’ve worked up an appetite for some food.

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