Stag Do Ideas For The Adventurous Grooms

Stag Do Ideas for the Adventurous Grooms

When it comes to organising the stag do you want to make sure that it is something the soon to be wed will love!

But what activity is the one for him? If your groom is in touch with his adventurous side, then keep on reading as we have come up with the best activities to get stuck into if you have an adventurous groom.


Paintballing is of course a very obvious one, it is the activity most stags love because who would turn down the chance to pelt each other with paint balls? It is a classic activity for you and the guys and a great choice if you are after some adventure. So get your camo gear on and get ready to test your aim and your agility.

Off Road Buggies

This experience is a great way to give the stag a weekend to remember. Get all your adrenaline pumping and your blood flowing in this off road buggiesactivity. This whole session is full of fun and gives you and the lads a great chance to test your driving skills off of the tarmac!

Electric Shock Football

Alright lads this one is a good one, a fresh and unique activity that any adventurous groom would love. If he is a lover of football and likes the thrill, then why not get him involved in electric shock football? Of course the electrifying twist is what makes it so great for the adventurous people out there and who doesn’t love zapping their mates?

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Quad Biking

With the quad biking stag do you and the lads can prepare to race, laugh and master some powerful quad bikes! It is a thrilling activity that definitely can’t be missed especially if your stag loves the adventure! So get your helmets at the ready and put your driving skills to the test!

And if all that isn’t enough and you still need some more inspiration then why not check out stag do activities page and browse through what’s on offer!

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