Mrs Won’t Mind These Stag Do Games

These drinking game stag do ideas add fun and variety to a night out. There are plenty out there to try but here are a few of ourStag Do Games the Mrs Won’t Mind favourites. They're also all innocent enough that they won't wind up the Mrs, so you can stop worrying and have fun on your stag do.     

Assume the position

Give each player a toy soldier (yes, like the ones out of toy story). Throughout the night, whenever someone shouts ‘assume the position’, you must copy the position of your soldier. The last one in position has to down a drink. Change your soldiers after each round for variety and to keep you on your toes. Especially funny if you all dress up like toy soldiers on the night.     


Feeling lucky? Grab an extra glass and a coin. When it’s your turn, pour some of your drink into the glass. Flip the coin and call it. If you guessed right, pass the glass on to the next player. If not? You have to down the whole concoction of mixed liquor. This can only end well.

Ring of fire

A classic. You’ll need a deck of cards and a large glass. Place the glass in the centre of the table. Shuffle the cards. Place the cards around the glass face down. Take turns picking out the cards. Each card has a different rule. For example, Queen has all girls at the table drink, nine is rhyme, everyone must rhyme in a circle and the person who bottles it first takes a drink. You can play by the traditional rules or make up your own. It’s an open-ended game which allows you to be creative. The most important rule is kings. For the first three kings drawn, the player must pour a bit of their drink into the glass. Whoever draws the fourth king must down the concoction. Oh dear.

Down Mr. President

A bit like toy soldiers. If the best man raises his finger to his ear (like an earpiece), the rest of the stags have to shout “Get down Mr. President” before jumping on the groom to protect him from hidden assassins.

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Have fun!

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