Games & Pranks for Some Banter

Games and pranks add a lot to a stag night out. They’re a great laugh and add some variety to stag do activities or night. These areStag Do Games & Pranks for a Banterous Bachelor a few games and pranks that are perfect for any banter loving bachelor celebrating his last night of freedom!

Toy soldiers is a great game that’ll keep you all on your toes throughout the night. It only really works if you’re dressed up to match though, so you’ll need to dress up like green plastic soldiers (like the ones in toy story). Before the night begins, each member of the squad will pull out a random toy soldier from a bag. Whichever soldier he gets is now his position. For the rest of the night, whenever the best man shouts “assume the position”, the rest of the group must stop whatever they’re doing and hold the pose of their mini soldier.

Ring of fire is one of the oldest drinking games in the book. You’ve probably heard of it before but we’re listing it anyway because it’s guaranteed to get you hammered. You’ll need a deck of cards, one large glass and a table. Place the glass in the centre of the table. Shuffle the deck of cards. Place them randomly around the glass face down. Everyone takes turns picking a card at random. Each card has a different rule you have to follow if you pick it. For example, three means ‘me’, so you take a drink. You can make up the rules as you see fit or follow the most commonly used ones listed here.

As for pranks, there’s plenty of hilarious ways to stitch up the groom. You could go all out and stage a fake kidnapping, tie him up and bundle him in the back of a boot. Or you could keep it simple and paint an unflattering message on his back in UV paint. He’ll be none the wiser and your message will be left for all to see on the dance floor.

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