Stag Party Pranks

Stag Do Pranks for the Stag Weekend

Stag weekend staples are always booze, the lads and of course the pranks! They add some laughter to the weekend and break up the stag do activities that you’ll have planned.

4 Great Stag Do Pranks

But what to do with the pranking, of course it has to stitch the stag up, perhaps humiliate him but definitely give him something to remember. Which is why we’re here to help, we have found the best stag do pranks there are and put them into one convenient place for you to read through and decide which one is perfect for your stag and the stag night you have planned.

Fake Kidnapping

Now this one is a classic, blind folding the stag, handcuffing him and throwing him into the back of a boot. Simple but effective is the way to go with these pranks so that nothing can go wrong. Although it might take abit of planning but once all the plans fall into place it will be great, an experience that you lads and the stag will remember. And the look on the stags face when you remove the blind fold will be a picture!

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Male Stripper

This is a vital addition to the weekend, well female strippers obviously but what better way to prank the stag than him assuming you’re taking him to a stripper when in reality it will be a whole lot different than he expected. The only awkward bit of this would be if the stag actually enjoys it, then the whole prank will have backfired!

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UV Paint

Ah UV Paint, the perfect way to stitch the stag up without him knowing a thing. Take post it notes on the back to the extreme with this UV paint prank. The best time to get creative is probably when the stag is getting ready, that way you have the clothes he will be wearing vulnerable ready to be taken advantage of. And the best part about it is that he’d never notice until you’re perhaps in the nightclub full of hundreds of people.

Food Challenge

Stag vs Food is always a good idea on a stag weekend, unlimited food with a race to see who can eat the most, would anyone turn that down? This is also a prank that you would appreciate and it is a great way to get everyone involved in it without being too harsh. All you need to do is find your nearest all you can eat restaurant!

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