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Stag Party Games

Stag Party Games & Forfeits

Get the stag do off to a roaring success with this extensive list of hilarious and unique stag do games. There's something for everyone here, whether you want a classic game, something funny or something a bit rude!

Better yet, you can edit the stag games to be short and sweet, perfect for travelling, or long (and maybe involving some shots?) for a funny night in with the guys.

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Game 1 - Who Are Ya

Who Are Ya


A silly yet simple game involving a pint glass, paper and the groom's crazy imagination. Be prepared to make a fool of yourselves, stag do style!


  • You'll need a pint glass, pieces of paper and fearless men
  • The groom will need to write a list of objects, animals and celebs onto pieces of paper
  • Fold and shake the pieces into a pint glass
  • Everyone must then pick one at random
  • From then on, each time the groom shouts "who are ya?" everyone must strike a pose and make the noise of the thing they are

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Game 2 - Opposite Hand

Opposite Hand


Like the name suggests, you must use your secondary hand whenever you fancy a sip from your pints or face the consequences.


  • You'll need a pint glass and a list of forfeits

  • Throughout your night, you must hold your glass in your wrong hand
  • Call out anyone who does not do this and whoever the victim is, must be forfeited
  • If someone calls incorrectly, they must do the forfeit instead
  • Another variation to make matters worse is the use whichever hand depending on which side the clock minute hand is on


Game 3 - I Never

I Never


One of the more renowned drinking games of all times is a must for the groom's last night of freedom. Prepare to learn some awful truths about your mates, people can surprise you!


  • Someone says something they haven't done before

  • Whoever has done it, drinks
  • The groom must open up with more detail and say "I did" if applicable and share his story
  • Example- say a place where he made love. Anyone who has done the same must drink
  • In order to get the groom to drink more, the rest can continue with "I never"


Game 4 - Whoosh!



A team game where everyone has to get involved, it's a chance to shout as loud as you can, wherever you may be- "whoosh!"


  • Can happen any time, any place on the stag do as long as everyone is aware of the game
  • Everyone must shout "whoosh!" as loud as they can at the same time
  • After shouting this, you must down your drink
  • Shout, drink, repeat until you're very merry


Game 5 - Thumbmaster



This game takes light inspiration of a popular choice of rule from another drinking game, Ring of Fire, and involves conviniently placed thumbs and keeping your eyes peeled.


  • One person must be nominated the "thumbmaster"
  • Whenever the "thumbmaster" places his thumb on the edge of the table, everyone must do the same
  • Whoever is last to do copy the "thumbmaster" or doesn't do it at all, must down their drink


Game 6 - Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower


Pack of cards and your lucky pants.


  • Everyone must select a card at random except the groom, who'll need two
  • Showing his cards, he must guess whether the guy next to him has a higher or lower value on their card
  • If guessed correctly, the other player must shot their drink
  • If guessed incorrectly, then he must down his bevvy
  • If the value is the same, both must drink- there's no getting out of this one!


Game 7 - Bet's On

Bet's On


  • Pint glass
  • A coin
  • A group of drunks


  • Everyone must be sat down with their drinks in front of them
  • In the centre of the table, there must be an empty pint glass
  • The first player must pour a certain amount of alcohol into the glass
  • The person to the left of the first player must flip a coin
  • If the first player guesses heads or tales right, the pint moves left around the table with the coin
  • If they're wrong, the contents of the pint must be downed


Stag Do Pranks

Dress up

Dress the head stag up as an old lady, Mexican, in a mankini, wedding dress and the list goes on and on… It’s simple yet effective and hilarious!

Under Arrest

This prank is basically the same as the gaffer but replaced with hand cuffs. If he’s been a naughty boy, cuff him to some railings or lamp post, take some pictures and leave him.

The Gaffer

This prank is a little more extreme than the others so lets not get too carried away boys! All you need is some gaffer tape or duck tape and tape the unfortunate groom-to-be to either a lamp post, bench or anything that would be a brilliant photo opportunity.

The Morning After

After a heavy night of drinking, everyone enjoys a good sleep. However, the pranking isn’t over yet! Why not give the head stag a wake up call using an air horn?


Stag Do Forfeits

Potty Training

Once you’ve broke the seal there’s no turning back. So there will be plenty of visits to the bog. The losers must shout “I need a wee-wee!” every time they’ve gotta go…

Lads in Laundry

There are two versions of this one. First way is to find a girl willing enough to swap underwear with the loser. The alternative is before you head to the pubs, the loser must put a pair of sexy knickers on! (make sure they’re visible for everyone to see).

Dancing Queen

If he’s got some kicking moves, what better way to show them off than making him bust out all the way to the next pub? Sorry twinkle toes.

Pretty Boy

The stag must find some lovely ladies willing to sit him down and work their magic with a little makeover. The full shebang is ideal and he is definitely not allowed to remove the makeup for the remainder of the day.

Big Baby

Embarrassing onesie at the ready! Slip on over clothes and pass from group member to group member for any shared stag offences.


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