Stag Do Cities - Marvellous, Mad & Magical Manchester!

Stag Do Cities - Marvellous, Mad and Magical Manchester!We recently published our overview guide to choosing which city you want to go to for your stag do and most of you agreed that getting out of your local area was the best idea. Now, we begin our whistle-stop tour of the UK, discovering the top five stag do cities that your party could very soon be gracing with your presence! Wherever you choose to go, if you choose to let Funktion Events organise it for you, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth and easy ride.

In order not to incite any more rivalry between the cities, we are presenting our top five as a group, rather than having them battle it out for the coveted #1 spot. Each of them is so different that it can be like comparing chalk with cheese - it is up to you to discover all the best parts for yourself, with us as your unerring guide. If you are the sort of guy who often gets called on to organise stag dos or other events, then we could quickly become your ideal partner and you could end up partying the night away in all five of the cities, allowing you to assemble your own expert guide!

Our first stop is sunny Manchester, in the north west of the country. Renowned for its rain (though in fact it is NOT in the top five cities of the most rainfall in the UK!), Manchester is a happy-go-lucky city that is one of the oldest in the country. Manchester is also famous for its music and has consistently produced big-name, highly influential acts for many years, including Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Simply Red, the Bee Gees and many, many more.

This devotion to music means that Manchester is heavy on the nightclubs and you could be faced with a major crisis trying to choose one that will ideally suit your group. We will put together a bespoke guide to the best of the bunch and arrange for queue-jump, cost-free entry at the doors. Indie, garage, dance, soul or all four and more, Manchester can cater to all of your tastes.

Travelling around Manchester is quick and easy, with the modern Metrolink system carving a swather right across the city and linking up all the major train and bus stations.

We arrange all accommodation for you and utilise the services of only the best hotels. Manchester, as a major cosmopolitan city, has plenty of these and all are located in the most central locations. Though boasting a huge economy and population, Manchester has a surprisingly small city centre and pretty much everywhere is within walking distance - a taxi from one of the many ranks will get you anywhere else you might want to go.

Manchester is an amazing place and you can discover it in style and with ease by letting Funk:tion events do all the organising for you. Find out more info and tips here and contact us today to start creating your bespoke bundle!

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