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Spy School Smartphone Challenge
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Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self-run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition

What is the Spy School Smartphone Challenge?

An intense themed treasure hunt putting you on the streets to search for different hotspots where you’ll find fun challenges, codes and clues to help you find the culprit. From your smartphone device, each participant will activate the app and start exploring your location. Use your keen sense of codebreaking to complete cryptic tasks that will unlock hotspots. Each task will unveil clues and directions to get you closer to catching the culprit. Get set and enter the world of espionage and become the next 007!

Your spy themed treasure hunt will use the latest GPS and image recognition technology, giving you an authentic experience that everyone can get fully immersed in. Taking to the streets, it’ll be group versus group in a high-stakes race against time. The easy-to-use app includes access to the GPS-tracked map and scoreboard system.

The event will run for 2 hours and can start anytime of the day as it’s completely self-run. Towards the end of the event, each squad will have the opportunity to choose the culprit in question from a line-up of suspects. If you get it right, this will earn your group a whopping 100 bonus points.

You can also include a facilitator for an additional cost to provide a remote briefing via video link as well as support throughout the activity. Our event staff will present/wrap up the activity showcasing the best photos and videos taken by the participants throughout the event again via remote video link.

What’s Included

  • Invi­gorating, self-run event
  • Latest app technology
  • Creative spy themed challenges activated by GPS
  • A series of clues to discover the culprit!
  • Challenges include photo and video tasks designed to get participants interacting
  • Uses image recognition
  • Tasks and questions requiring an eye for detail as well as a magnificent memory
  • Name your team & take selfies
  • Live scoreboard makes it competitive and fun
  • 100 bonus points for picking out the culprit from a line-up!
  • Everyone uses their own smartphone to download the app to participate
  • Groups sizes from 6 to 250 people
  • Add a facilitator to give a remote briefing and final wrap-up session via video link for an additional cost – enquire for details

How does the Spy School Smartphone Challenge run?

Simply choose a day to complete your event and activate the app on each participants smartphone device. Split your workforce into smaller, more manageable groups and head off in different directions. The app is GPS tracked, meaning as you move through your location you’ll unlock hotspots that lead to clues and codes. Each time you crack a question you’ll be given a piece of evidence to help you build your case. The winning squad will be the one who works out who the criminal is first using teamwork and sharp spy skills.

Who can participate in the Spy School Espionage Challenge?

This event is really flexible and inclusive, needing no prior skills to get stuck in. We can also run the spy school challenge for small or large groups, ranging from 6 to 250+ parti­cipants.

We suggest that no matter your business size, you break into smaller groups of 4-6 people during the event.

Do we need any equipment for the Spy School Challenge?

All you need is to download the app (which is available on the App Store & Google Play) onto each participants smartphone device, so make sure it’s fully charged. Other than that, maybe some comfortable shoes for walking!

Will all the groups be completely split off from one another?

We do suggest that each 4-6 person group chooses a different direction and trail to follow as this makes for a more competitive and exciting experience. You can easily keep track of everyone’s progress on the live scoreboard through the app.

I want to add a facilitator – what will I receive during the Spy School Smartphone Challenge with this addition?

The spy school smartphone challenge can easily be self-run, but if you want an event facilitator you’ll receive the following:

  • An extra formality to the event with a clear beginning and end
  • Energising remote briefing at the start of the challenge via video link
  • Remote wrap-up presentation via video link, including team photos and videos throughout
  • Technical & event support throughout the challenge


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Matthew Johnson
6th October 2021
Thanks Orla and thanks for all your help in arranging the event for us.
The team absolutely loved it and we all had a fantastic time.
Rating 5.0
Andrea Mohan
16th December 2019
We had such a lovely, fun time in Edinburgh doing this activity. Everything worked smoothly, the weather was perfect, and everyone kept on talking about what things they had to do when eventually met up after.

Thanks to the Funktion team for all their help. I'm more than happy to recommend this to anyone who's looking for something to do as part of a group.
Rating 5.0
Emily Bushell
12th November 2019
We had a great time thank you!

We really appreciate you saving the day at the last minute and it was a great team activity on a sunny winters day!
Rating 5.0
Lucy Abernethy
20th August 2019
Everything ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Rating 4.0
Ed Cockcroft
8th August 2019
We had a brilliant time doing the event last night thank you! Really good!
Rating 5.0
Julia Downham
20th June 2019
It was fantastic, and I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you.

All the teams enjoyed it and the feedback was that the level of difficulty and involvement was just right.

My team managed to do quite a bit whilst enjoying the sunshine sat in a pub, whilst others spent the whole afternoon running around York.

Thank for all your help in sorting out our booking.
Rating 5.0
Natalie Rueeck
27th March 2019
We had a great time indeed and everything went smoothly and to plan
Rating 5.0
Tanya Raybould
4th December 2018
It went really well thank you – good fun and good to have some easy things as well some challenging ones thrown in. And a great way to keep fit on a staff day out!
Rating 5.0
Ilamaran Gunaratnam
26th November 2018
Thanks for arranging this event, everybody loved it!
Rating 5.0
Gregory Reynolds
17th October 2018
Everyone enjoyed the event and things ran smoothly