Spring Hen Party Ideas

Spring Hen Party IdeasWhen it comes to organising your pre-nuptial celebrations, a big factor to consider is the time of year you have it and that weather can play a big part. spring hen party ideas are popular among any bride to be looking for an outdoorsy, more active hen party ideas that can still be enjoyable, even in the UK! Below is a detailed list of the kinds of activities that are perfect for the spring time and may be something you fancy to create your dream party.

Disco Dodgeball Hen Party

Hen Party Ideas for SpringDodgeball has always been a favourite pick for girl gangs wanting some laughs and competition in a more active atmosphere, however a Dodgeball hen party brings in a whole new hilarious element to the classic game. If you were thinking about a classic game like dodgeball but wanting a twist, this idea will be right up your street as it brings some well-known disco tunes to the activity.

This spring hen party idea is an hour long session packed with some dodgeball games as well as a variety of fun games to get everyone involved and having a laugh together. An instructor will be there to organise the whole day and provide all the equipment needed, meaning all you have to do is bring yourselves and maybe some disco clothing to fit the theme.

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If this didn’t sound good enough, the venue will be filled with LED lights and speakers to really get everyone dancing and having a good time, with dance hits that everyone can sing along too! Some disco themed games include last person standing, some dance offs and disco bulldodge to mix the whole spring hen party up and create a fun atmosphere.

Old School Sports Dan Hen Party

School Sports Day Spring Hen Party IdeasHave you ever wanted to go back in time and relive those funny sports days you took part in at primary school? Then an Old School Sports Day hen party activity sounds like a great fit for your spring party. With classics such as the egg and spoons race, sack race and space hoppers this activity will have everyone laughing, joking and reminiscing.

This activity is tailored for the spring and would be great for any bride to be longing for an outdoor celebration full of fun with her friends and family. As well as being fun, like the disco dodgeball an Old School Sports Day allows the group to let out their competitive side with 4 teams and prizes for the winners!

It’s a Knockout Hen Party

Spring Hen Do IdeasIf you watched any TV in the 70s and 80s, you’ll know how popular It’s a Knockout was and how loved it was by many on the BBC. With this in mind, it makes for an incredible spring hen party ideas for your party as it allows you to be outdoors and active, while referencing a classic show that was known for being hilarious and ridiculous.

The It's a Knockout hen party is a 3 hour activity that’s fully organised for you and your group, with the huge foam costumes provided so there’s nothing for you to worry about. The variety of widely known games include Super Suds, Fe! Fi! Fo! Fall! All Hands on Deck and many more, creating a jam packed and exciting party day. And of course the competition isn’t for nothing, your teams will be competing to grab the bottle of bubbly at the end of the activity so your team might want to bring their A game!

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt Hen Party

Latest Spring Hen Party IdeasAlthough not as active as the other spring hen party ideas, this choice combines outdoors, indoors and technology to bring you a unique but fun idea that will suit any party group! The Smartphone City Treasure Hunt hen party provides a super sociable event with a goal – to win!

The aim of the last night of freedom is to solve puzzles, clues and quizzes throughout your chosen city while using the latest GPS technology, offering a live scoreboard of all the other teams taking part and the ability to take selfies, name your team and have some fighting talk between teams on the app. As all of the locations are in the centre of each city, it’s easy for your group to complete (and hopefully win) the Smartphone City Treasure Hunt and then carry on the fun in local bars, restaurants or clubs to make it the perfect night.

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