Speedy, Shooty, Brainy – The New Spice Girls?!

We had a great response to our last article, in which we shared with you just a small slice of the giant party-cake that is a Stag Do with Funktion events. You know what it is like when you deal with the same thing each day, the way you stop noticing just how unique and amazing it is – we had a look through our activity options and there really is quite a lot to choose from, with more being added all the time!

So here, for your delectation, is another go on the lucky dip that makes up our big mixed bag of activities. You’re sure to find something to suit your crowd and, if you can’t at first glance, then our expert party-planning team are just a phone call away. Book your Stag Do or other event with Funktion, and you could soon be enjoying a taste of the…

Speedy: Go Karting, It’s a KnockoutSpeedy

  • Go Karting
    Play out your own version of Too Fast Too Furious, though it will be more like Quite Fast and Quite Fun, apologies to all the real petrolheads. Can YOU beat your way to the top in a tournament and enjoy the bubbly and medal award ceremony? Don't waste it by pouring it all over your mates - it is not as exciting as it looks and makes you smell like a brewery.
  • It’s a Knockout
    Stags of all ages will remember the show, as the format never quite seems to be allowed to die with dignity, play the most ridiculous games, get soaking wet and, at some point, realise you're having an amazing time.

Shooty: Clay Pigeon Shooting, ArcheryShooty

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
    Cock your gun and blast ‘em out of the sky. Expert, one-to-one coaching will have you shooting like an old country squire in no time.
  • Archery
    Not just shooting arrows at a target, would you believe? Well OK it is just that, but you get a professional instructor thrown in who will organise tournaments, friendly matches and games to keep things on point.


  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge
    Brainy: Spy School Smartphone Challenge, Smartphone Pub Treasure HuntThe information on this one is classified, of course. Using GPS, augmented reality and face recognition, you will embark on a series of spy challenges using your smartphone. And that’s all we’re telling you.
  • Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt
    Take on a pub-quiz treasure hunt in teams, again using smartphone technology. It is completely out of our hands, should you choose to enjoy a little liquid refreshment at the various stops along your journey.

This is just a handful of the hundreds of themed activities you can enjoy with Funktion Events, everything provided, everything planned, nothing to worry about. What are you waiting for?

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