Small Ways to Motivate Your Team

Sometimes within a team we can all feel abit uninspired, but there are ways around this.

Everybody knows if their team are in a good mood and working well together then everybody will combine their knowledge skills and energy together to work succes­sfully and complete almost anything. So we at Funktion Events have decide to come up with small ways to motivate your team with or without team building activities. Hopefully you find this article useful and it will inspire you in the future. We can also provide you with the best virtual team building activities.

Motivating Your Team - Battle of Olympus

Pay Everyone Their Worth

If your job is payroll, it is important to set your employees’ salaries similar to other companies in the industry and area. By doing this they won’t be tempted to look elsewhere.

Offer Oppor­tuni­ties for Self-Development

Overall, your employees will feel their value more if there are self-development offers within the business. If they know they can get training to advance in their career they will most likely be a lot more motivated within their day to day work.

Motivating Your Team - Pizza Making

Treat Your Team

Sometimes your team don’t know when their hard work is being acknowledged so it is important to treat them now and again. Whether that be with buying them lunch, or even a team building activity for you to all enjoy together.

Don’t Punish Failure

Everybody makes mistakes right? And the important thing is that people learn from their mistakes. Instead of punishing them for what they haven’t done wrong maybe try and help them figure out what they have done wrong & how to improve it so they don’t do it again.


Motivating Your Team - Crystal Collection

Provide a Pleasant Place to Work

It is important to ensure that your employees enjoy their working environment. If it isn’t a nice place to work then their working ethic may be lower. Make sure your working environment is clean and bright and makes everybody feel good.

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