Six Ways to Enjoy a Dublin Hen Party

6 Ways to Enjoy a Dublin Hen Party

Fancying a new hen do location but don't want to travel too far?

Then a hen party in Dublin could be the perfect experience for you. And there are loads of reasons why you should visit but here are just three of them:

1. The People. Irish hospitality is regarded as among the best in the world and you’re sure to receive plenty of it even on a short stay.

Warm, friendly and most definitely charming (remember that Ireland is the true home of the fabled Blarney Stone!) - perfect for a Dublin hen weekend.

The people of Dublin are a holiday attraction all of their own and will make sure you have a night, or nights, to remember forever.

2. The Bars. In the majority of countries around the world, the residents are fond of a tipple but, along with France, Ireland is known for its love of the grape and the grain.

This means that there are hundreds of bars of all different styles and many more different drinks to suit every taste.

So whether it's a good ol’ pint of traditional Guinness or a Baileys cocktail, you’ll find it here. Irish pubs are popular all over the world but here’s your chance to drink in a genuine one!

3. Phoenix Park. One of the most stunning green spaces in Ireland (and don’t forget that this is the Emerald Isle) 

In between all your hen party ideas in Dublin, exploring Phoenix Park will capture your heart and mind from the moment you step inside its gates.

Perfect for a relaxing, revitalising stroll the morning after the night before, the park is home to a herd of beautiful fallow deer and the biggest obelisk (!) in Europe.

Hen Party Ideas in Dublin

When it comes to planning all your hen party ideas in Dublin is easy with Funktion Events; we have loads of activities available to choose from. Here are just three of them:

1. Zorb Bubble Games. Loads of fun, totally mad but with a real competitive edge. Get in your Zorb and GO!

2. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt. As hen party ideas in Dublin, this is nothing like your ordinary pub crawl, this activity takes a lot of smart thinking to complete. Oh, and a smartphone!

3. Pleasure Boys. It’s got boys. It’s got brawn. It’s got bubbly. Pure pleasure for your hen party in Dublin.

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