Should You Invite Dad on the Stag Do?

Should You Invite Dad on the Stag Do?

When it comes to deciding how to celebrate your stag do, the people you choose to invite matters… right?

Whether you are organising your own or you’re organising the pre-wedding celebrations for your best mate, we’re sure the question running through your mind is whether or not you invite the dads. There is may be a few different reasons why you would consider asking the groom’s dad or father-in-law to join in with the antics, so we are here to help you put everything into perspective and give you an idea of what to do!

Reasons To Invite Dad

  • He can chip in and buy a few rounds for you and the lads
  • Father and son bonding time before the big day
  • Gives your dad the opportunity to meet all of the lads if he hasn't already
  • If you and the guys are looking to have a proper messy night out, then dad could be the sensible one to look after everybody who might need it
  • He will probably really enjoy the evening spending time with his son and his friends
  • Dad would probably really like to be invited along. It shows that he is appreciated and welcome to celebrate with the lads, even if he declines

Reasons to Invite Father-in-Law

  • It is a good chance to bond and get to know more about each other. The groom-to-be may not have met his future father-in-law many times, let alone drink together!
  • Gives him the chance to meet your friends and feel like he is a part of the group
  • Final chance to get his approval if you still need it. 
  • Being around each other drunk is a fantastic chance to break the ice between you two before the wedding day.

Reasons NOT to Invite Dad

  • He may hear stories from the lads that you didn’t want him to find out about
  • He may tell stories about you that you didn’t want the lads to find out about
  • He may ‘let his hair down’ too much, which could result in everybody else looking after him for the rest of the evening
  • It's more than likely that you guys will have to skip some of the more explicit activities
  • He may not be able to take part in some activities due to age
  • With alcohol involved, he may let his filter down and possibly sneak in a few embarassing facts about yourself that you would rather be kept secret!

Reasons NOT to Invite Father-in-Law


  • Some activities you may not want to experience with your soon to be father-in-law
  • He might also hear stories you didn't want him to hear.
  • You don't want to be having certain awkward conver­sations with him, especially if you don't know each other very well already.
  • Your group or one friend is a bit too much for your father-in-law, for example. If he isn't a heavy drinker but you and the lads are known for sinking endless pints, then this could prove difficult.

Although inviting the dads would provide some hilarious stories and boozy antics that will be remembered for a lifetime, you might still be having second doubts… which is completely normal! If this is the case, then another option that you could consider is simply having two stag do’s!

By organising your celebrations this way, you and the lads can enjoy the “official celebration” where you can go full steam ahead with anything and everything you want to do for a celebration like no other. Then when it comes to celebrating with the dads, an unofficial celebration can be the place where you can invite both dads and/or relatives.

With this one, you can just enjoy each other’s company with something as simple as a meal and a few drinks at a nice bar that everyone would enjoy and without going too overboard. This is probably the best way of getting around the issue as it keeps every group happy and you get the best of both worlds!

So now you’ve made your decision… how are you going to celebrate your stag do? Check out some of the fantastic stag do activities we offer and start planning your celebrations today!

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