Hen Ideas for More Than One Hen Party

Should You Have More Than One Hen Party? | Hen Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard deciding who to invite to the hen do and how many hen parties you should have!

Especially if you have a close group of friends and you are also extremely close with your family members.

Everybody is probably with us when we say that your hen party ideas are completely different for both your friends and your family.

But of course you want to invite them all to your hen party…but the idea is probably not to have them all together at the same time right? So what do you do?

Start Planning Your Hen Party

Although it may not have been your first thought, an easy way to solve this would be to have more than one hen party!

And by doing this you will be prolonging your celebrations and you’ll be able to work out what activities will suit each hen party.­ Don’t worry there are hundreds of family hen do ideas & hen party activities to choose from!

For example, your hen night ideas with friends might include some eye candy. And a Dreamboys hen party might be the perfect thing to get involved with for your hen night with the girls.

But perhaps not with your family members especially if you plan on inviting your mum, mother-in-law or even your gran!­ By having more than one hen party you are able to enjoy more and include more into the celeb­ra­tions.­ 

Which of course works out a lot better and makes planning your hen parties a lot less stressful. You don’t have to figure out who to invite to the hen do this way and you can ensure that all the hen party ideas are suited to both groups.

For the family hen do ideas & hen party ideas a Spa hen party might be just the perfect activity. It gives you and your family a day of relaxation and relieves you all from the wedding stresses, especially if they are helping you plan everything!

Some other hen party ideas that would be suited for the family would be things like the 2 Course Meal hen party and the Afternoon Tea hen party. Great for enjoying each other’s company whilst enjoying some food, especially if you are doing abit of shopping throughout the day.

And then obviously when it comes to planning a hen party with the girls then this would be your chance to go all out and celebrate your last night of freedom the right way!

Whether it be with a classic Cocktail Making Class hen party or perhaps add something cheeky with the Life Drawing Class hen party.

Either way, having more than one hen party is a reasonable and quite a common way of doing things. Especially if you do have two totally different groups of people you want to celebrate with!

Choose Your Hen Party Location

And with all the hen ideas out there you will never be short of some amazing hen party ideas to choose from.

But if you need any more inspiration we have everything you could need with our hen party planning tips and tricks.

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