School Sports Day & Bubble Mayhen Hen Do

School Sports Day & Zorb Bubble Games Hen DoSometimes the bride to be is looking for an idea a little different, and if so this school sports day and bubble mayhen games hen do is perfect for a unique day to remember for your hen do! We know how important your hen party is, so we’ve put these two exciting activities together with a discount price to make your planning an easier, stress free experience so you can focus on celebrating.

This hen party bundle includes

  • Old School Sports Day
  • Bubble Mayhen Games

See this fabulous hen party bundle here

Old School Sports Day Hen Party

A hen party activity that is completely different to the classic night out, an old school sports day hen party is bound to get everyone laughing, joking and reminiscing about their sports days when they were kids. This is a hen party activity that everyone can get involved with no matter how large the group, making it ideal for any hen party.

Don’t worry about age or fitness levels, as every instructor will tailor the activity and games to your hen party group, so all you need to worry about is having a great time on your unique hen party. The whole activity lasts about 1 hour, giving plenty of time to return to some classics like the egg and spoon race, bean bags on heads and space hoppers!

Remember to bring your A game, as the instructors will keep score for the teams and there will be winners and forfeit sheets for the losers. With the choice of whatever time of the day you want and the option to dress up and really have fun with it, the old school sports day hen party activity is ideal for any bride to be who wants to let her hair down and have a hen party to remember.

Bubble Mayhen Hen Party

Bubble mayhen games has been rising in popularity this year among hen parties, and is a great active alternative to celebrate for any bride to be. Feel like a big kid again in these giant, inflatable, body bubbles and get all of the girls involved, bouncing into each other, rolling and of course laughing in a variety of mini games.

You’ll get a professional instructor to help you master the zorbs and take you through some games including Bulldog, Relay Race and Queen of the Ring. There’s also forfeit sheets and a Mr and Mrs Quiz at half time to spice up the whole activity and give it a hen party theme. This activity is perfect if you’re looking for a short, sweet and unique idea that can either be a little bit competitive or just loads of fun!

Don’t hesitate to give our even planners a call on 0161 341 0052 if you need any other details on this fab old school sports day and bubble mayhen games hen party bundle, or if you just want us to organise the whole thing for you.

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